A Woman's Boss Asked Her About Her Plans For The Future & Now She's Getting Fired Despite Being A Top-Performer

She's now encouraging other employees to keep their future career plans a secret until things are solidified when talking with their employers.

Elisa TikTok

A woman revealed that she was abruptly fired from her job after speaking to her superior about her plans for the future.

In a TikTok video, Elisa shared that she and her boss were having a conversation, and at one point, she was asked about where she sees herself going career-wise, and if she has any plans for herself in the future. Elisa chose to be honest but later explained that she ended up regretting that decision as it put her job position on the line.


Elisa told her boss that she was planning on going back to college and was promptly fired.

In Elisa's video, she explained to viewers why she was suddenly fired from her job despite being a "top-performing employee." Despite thinking that her job position would always be safe because of how valued she assumed she was at her company, she admitted that now she knows she was never safe from being fired.

"I had made some comments in my one-on-one with my account manager, who was a new account manager. I think he's only been one for the last three months or so," Elisa shared. "I was [the] first recruiter he had."


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During Elisa's meeting with her account manager, he repeatedly asked her if she had any strong feelings about one day being promoted to the same job position as him, or becoming a senior recruiter. 

"Mind you, I hated that job," she continued, adding that she tried to avoid the question since she wasn't a big fan of being employed at the company, but her account manager was persistent. "He just kept asking me about how I saw myself in the company in the future."


Elisa decided to just be honest, telling him that she was thinking about trying to get into the healthcare field, especially with the number of employees who have been laid off from big corporations within the last several months, she noticed that her commissions have started decreasing.

"My commission has been sh-t since I first started last July, and I'm looking to make [money]," she admitted. "I told him that I was thinking about going back to school, getting into healthcare."

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She was called into a meeting with her account manager and the director of the company after revealing her plans.

After having that conversation with her account manager, Elisa was flown down to Florida, which is where the company's headquarters are based. When she arrived, Elisa found out that her manager had spoken to the director of the company about their conversation.


"My account manager told the director and I had this big meeting with both of them," she said. "The director was like, 'So, I heard that you're leaving.'" 

Elisa quickly realized that she probably shouldn't have told her manager what her plans for the future were until she was sure that she wanted to leave and pursue them, but she thought her manager would understand since they are around the same age.

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"My account manager is only a year older than me, we're both still young. I thought, for some reason, he would get where I was coming from, especially since he was just a recruiter and he knows how the job is."


Unfortunately, that wasn't the case, and after Elisa returned home from Florida, and received an email with her official termination.

In the email, her employer wrote that the reason for Elisa's termination was based on the comments that she had made "regarding the future of the recruiter position" and her stating that she "would like to pursue other positions in the healthcare field."

In the comments section, viewers agreed that employees shouldn't tell their employers their plans until things are solidified in an effort to avoid being suddenly fired if their future plans don't align with the company's views.


"Never tell those people your next moves. You are happy right up until you are gone," one TikTok user suggested, while another added, "Never let them know that you’re even thinking about a new job. Lie and say you’re happy there."

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