My Fiancé Returned My Wedding Dress, Now I Don't Know How To Forgive Him

He wants his bride to rent a dress.

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A wedding is the most magical moment for anyone to experience. A once-in-a-lifetime moment that many have, and for brides, a wedding dress is a magical thing to wear because it is a magical moment. 

A woman and her soon-to-be husband are about to tie the knot, and she has found the perfect wedding dress. 

However, her soon-to-be-husband disagrees about that and returns her dress, insisting she should rent a dress and not buy one.


Now, the bride wonders if she can forgive her soon-to-be husband for returning her wedding dress. 

The bride took to Reddit's Am I the A--hole? (AITA) to ask her question. Reddit's Am I the A**hole is a subreddit for many to find out if they were wrong in an argument.

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The user will post their argument with their situation and then explain the issue. Once they describe the event, users will review their statement, and once it's complete, they will decide if they are not the a--hole (NTA) or they are the a-hole (YTA).


The woman and her soon-to-be husband have been planning their wedding, but there have been some hiccups, they argued about the venue and the flower girl, but now they're arguing about her wedding dress. 

"I can afford it but my [soon-to-be-husband] thinks it's not okay to waste a couple of thousands on a dress I'm only going to wear once," the woman says and agrees that while only wearing it once, it's a once-in-a-lifetime, so why not make it memorable?

Her soon-to-be-husband suggested she rent a dress saying she was irresponsible with her money, arguing that she put money aside to "rent a face" and wear extensions. She purchased her dress but then a day later, it was missing from her closet. 

Her fiancé returned her dress, claiming it was "ridiculously expensive."

She argued with him, and his response was to calm down and that there is no "I'm paying for it myself" in marriage. He said she should grow the F up and stop with the dream wedding cliche.


He left to call his mother, and she chewed the woman out, saying that she would not let her ruin her son's financial stability and just urged her to "buy a cheaper one, way cheaper than the one I picked, and move on." 

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She declined and still wants her dress bought back. She ended her argument by saying he still had the money and said he would return it once they agreed to a solution.

Is she the a--hole? Absolutely not.

"NTA. But please, hold, pause, and press the button. There are some serious red flags here that you need to look into more closely before you get married." one user wrote.


Many users agree with this. Her fiancé forced a solution by returning her dream dress and then demanded she rent one because of financial reasons?

Second, where is the money she spent, her own money? Why is he holding on to her money? 

Lastly, bringing his mother into the fold who sides with her baby boy, will he cry to her every time they have a dispute, only for this woman to have no say in any argument?


"I am begging you. Look into this more deeply. Do not sweep this under the rug. I know we are taught that marriage is the end-all and be-all for women, but please do not rush into past indicators that this marriage might be a very pretty trap for you." The user ends with their comment.

Another user notes how he commented with "renting a face" and "fake" hair with them, saying how she could be marrying a misogynist who wants to control how she looks and how she spends her finances.

The original poster should now see the situation and how he reacted. He is in the wrong for returning her dream dress and keeping her money; she spent her money on her dress for a memorable moment. Now she's seeing her fiancé's true colors.


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