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Bride Puts Her 'Toxic' Maid Of Honor On Blast After She Refuses To Get Along With The Bridal Party Or Make A Speech At The Wedding

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Wedding planning alongside your closest friends can be one of the most exciting times of your life. Unfortunately, it can also be the most stressful, especially if you and those in your wedding party do not see eye to eye on everything. 

One bride-to-be decided to put her “toxic” maid of honor on blast by revealing screenshots of text messages exchanged between the two that depict the harsh reality of their friendship — one that will likely come to an end after the wedding. 

The woman’s maid of honor refuses to get along with her bridal party, won't make a speech, and does not like her fiancé. 

When the woman initially asked one of her best friends to be her maid of honor, she certainly was not expecting the difficulties she would cause in what was supposed to be a memorable time meant to bring them closer together. She shared several text messages to the Reddit forum, r/weddingshaming to depict the nightmare experience she has had with her maid of honor. 

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In one exchange, the woman is planning a get-together with her entire bridal party that would take place over the course of two nights. Her maid of honor does not shy away from letting her friend knows how she feels about the rest of her bridal party.

“But I hate your entire wedding party,” she texts with a laughing emoji, attempting to get out of the get-together. The woman encourages her friend to “be nice.” 

In addition to hating the bridal party, the maid of honor informs her friend that she will not be delivering a speech at her wedding, a job that the maid of honor usually performs.

“I hope you realize I don’t do speeches. No public speaking from me is happening,” she writes. When the bride tells her that she will have another person in her bridal party make the speech instead, she responds “gross.”

The woman tries to put her maid of honor’s mind at ease by telling her that she hasn’t even met the entire bridal party yet, including her fiancé’s sister. Still, the maid of honor believes that she will not be a fan. “She’s related to your boyfriend so I don’t hold much faith there,” she writes. 

At this point, the bride allows her friend the opportunity to break down from her role. “You already said you hate the rest of the party, and it sounds like you’re determined to have a bad time,” she texts.

Still, her maid of honor refuses and insists on being a part of her big day. “Just don’t expect me to be fake about it and pretend to like anyone,” she says. She adds that she is not rude to anyone unless they give her a reason, but she will not be “buddy-buddy” with the rest of the bridal party. 

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“Sometimes you make me feel like being maid of honor is a big chore for you, and if that’s how you feel I don’t want to put you through something that you’ll hate,” the woman admits. She wants to have a good time at her wedding and fears that her maid of honor’s attitude may get in the way of it. 

Her friend responds that she is going for her and her alone, not to make friends with anyone else. She also addresses that the time of year the wedding will be taking place is a “legitimate concern” due to her busy schedule. 

To make matters even more complicated, the maid of honor says she “cannot stand” her friend’s fiancé.

“I don’t like [him] and you know that. I doubt that I ever will and we're gonna have to just live with it,” she says. “It sucks and I wish I could, but he’s just the type of person that I can’t stand so I’m not going to pretend.” The woman is not the only one having doubts regarding her maid of honor. 

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Redditors are encouraging the bride to replace her and disinvite her from the wedding completely. 

“Please fire this woman from MOH [maid of honor] duty. She is more or less telling you straight up that she’s going to cause problems with the other people in the party, and more than likely talk s–t about your husband too,” one user commented.

“People who are like ‘I'm not going to pretend to like people I don't like’ are really bad,” another user wrote. “A wedding is not about the MOH so she has to tough it up and just play nice or step down/be let go.” 

“This person is toxic. If that's who you want to stand next to you on your wedding day, have fun,” another user warned. “She's going to be miserable and let you know it.” 

If the woman ultimately decides to fire her maid of honor, she would be doing her bridal party, her wedding guests, her future husband, and most importantly, herself a favor rather than a burden. 

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