Woman Kicks Sister Out Of Wedding After Seeing Texts She Wrote About Her Relationship

Her sister showed her true colors.

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A woman is taking to Reddit's r/AmITheA-hole to ask if she was in the wrong for what she did to her sister one month before her wedding.

This subreddit allows you to ask about something that has been bothering you but you want an unbiased opinion on it. After the issue is asked, the community will decide if YTA 'you're the a-hole' NTA 'not the a-hole' ESH 'everyone sucks here' or NAH 'no assholes here.'


The woman says she uninvited her sister from her wedding over her homophobic text messages.

Beginning her post, the woman says she is marrying her fiance Anna this September and explains she comes from a religious family who didn't accept her and Anna being in a same-sex relationship but said her family eventually grew supportive.

However, she says she's had to cut a few ties with family members who were not acceptable to her relationship with Anna.

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"I have 2 sisters- Claire and Kim. Kim has always been extremely supportive with opening arms, and she herself is bisexual (she isn't out yet - I'm using anonymous names for this post)."


The woman says Claire is more neutral to the original poster's relationship but explains she and Claire have been closer than her and Kim, so she asked Claire to be her maid of honor alongside her best friends.

Her sister Kim showed her what Claire had been sending to her friends.

Kim, who is in a group chat with Claire and some of their mutual friends, revealed that her sister wasn't as supportive as she appeared to be.

Claire was chatting with friends from her college, saying how the concept for the wedding was stupid, but it didn't stop there.

"They eventually got worse, calling me and Anna 'sinners' and 'God would send us to hell and let us burn there.' She even had a few messages calling us the f-slur but formed them as jokes like 'This generation's become too accepting' or 'I'm the only one in my family who knows what's right anymore,'" the woman said in her post.


After seeing this, the woman immediately uninvited Claire, with Claire saying she overreacted because what happened in her chat group was her business only — their mother is saying the original poster is overreacting and to let Claire calm down.

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Her father and Anna are the only ones who are siding with the original poster, and now she's asking Reddit if she is in the wrong for doing what she did.

Reddit has decided the woman is NTA.

The majority of the comments have all stated the woman here is NTA because she has exposed someone she thought she could trust to be her maid of honor.


One comment says that Claire is a hypocritical individual, too, who says that while she is neutral on the relationship between her sister and Anna, she decided to "joke" about it to her friends.

One user is wondering if perhaps the reason Kim has not come out yet is because of Claire because now it's revealed that they can't trust their own sister not to say something derogatory to her friends.

It seems the best thing for this woman here is to cut all ties with Claire; she's shown her true colors and who she is.


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