Bride Admits To Photoshopping 16-Year-Old Niece In Wedding Photos After Her Mom Sees Pictures On Social Media

People are siding with the bride on this one since her niece broke a major wedding rule.

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A bride who photoshopped her 16-year-old niece in her wedding photos is defending her decision to do so.

Her sister-in-law claims that she is “body shaming” her daughter by having her photoshopped; however, the bride argues that she did not alter her body, specifically, in any way.

Now, the bride is wondering if she should have left the photos the way they originally were and avoided family tension.


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The bride admitted to photoshopping her 16-year-old niece in her wedding photos after she wore a white dress to the occasion.

Sharing her story on the subreddit, r/AmITheA-–hole, the 30-year-old woman revealed that she recently got married. She described the day as her “dream wedding” where everything went smoothly, except for one tiny detail: her 16-year-old niece’s dress choice.

“It was a white, lacy knee-length dress. She even wore lace elbow-length gloves!” the woman wrote. “Honestly, it looked just like a wedding dress.”


The bride did not let her niece’s dress bother her at the moment, refraining from mentioning it to her brother and sister-in-law. However, when she received her wedding photos back, she claims that she “couldn’t stand” seeing her niece standing next to her in a white dress.

After noticing how upset it made her, the woman’s husband suggested that they have their wedding photos photoshopped to have their niece’s dress appear white blue instead of white.

“We thought it through, and since we had some budget left, we went for it,” she wrote. After receiving the altered photos, the woman was impressed. “I could hardly even tell that my niece was originally wearing white, and she still looked really nice,” she shared.

Unfortunately, not everyone in her family was as pleased with the photos as she was. “I posted some of the photos on social media, and my SIL messaged me and was angry that I photoshopped my niece without checking with her (my SIL) first,” the woman wrote. “She accused me of thinking my niece was ugly and of body-shaming her."


Bride Admits To Photoshopping 16-Year-Old Niece In Wedding Photos After Her Mom Sees Pictures On Social MediaPhoto: Reddit

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However, the woman claims that she did not have her niece’s physical body photoshopped and just had the color of her dress changed. “I don’t think I’m in the wrong, but this situation has been stressing me out,” she admitted.


The woman added that the photo she posted on social media was a group photo that her niece happened to be in and that she was not trying to “showcase” the photoshop at all.

Redditors sided with the bride and slammed her niece and her parents for breaking wedding etiquette by allowing her to wear white.

“If she didn’t want the dress to be photoshopped, she shouldn’t have let her daughter attend a wedding in a lacy white dress! The nerve of that woman!” one user commented.

“You didn't change your niece's body or face, you just switched the color slightly to make it less obvious she'd worn white to a wedding. Her parents should have known it was unsuitable,” another user pointed out.

Others believed that photoshopping the niece’s dress in the photos was the best approach to the situation instead of making a fuss at the wedding.

“This was the calmest, smartest response to this situation that I have ever seen,” one user said, praising the bride.


“What is the bride going to do? Yell at a teenager? Kick out a teenager? Throw red wine on her niece?” another user noted.

Altering the color of a dress, especially one of a guest who wore white to a wedding, is not body shaming. It is being considerate of proper wedding etiquette.

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