Woman Claims She Was Kicked Out Of A Grocery Store Because She Is 'Too Hot'

Something doesn't feel right about the reason why this woman claims she was kicked out of the grocery store...

Kerolay Chaves Instagram

There are probably many reasons to be kicked out of a grocery store — you could be caught stealing, or maybe you’re making too much noise with your friends — but have you ever been kicked out of a store because you’re too attractive? Well, this adult entertainer was.

A 21-year-old woman from Belo Horizonte, Brazil named Kerolay Chaves claims that she was kicked out of a grocery store in Brazil because she was “too hot,” adding that she was harassed by onlookers and other customers.


The online content creator is popular in Brazil but claims her fame couldn't keep her from getting in trouble in a store.

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Kerolay Chaves was kicked out of the grocery store because her clothes were ‘too short.’

The post she penned for Instagram on April 21, 2023, explained the whole story, including the reasons she was kicked out of the store and sharing her plight.


“Just back from the supermarket and was harassed for wearing ‘too short clothes,’” she wrote in the caption, translated from Portuguese. “Some people looked with prejudice, others swore at me, and in the end, I was expelled from the site. Do y’all believe it?”

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Well, if you saw the clothes she was wearing, you might believe it. I’m not a Brazilian legal expert, but in the United States, a private establishment is allowed to have its own rules on what’s appropriate to wear inside its store. No shoes, no shirt, no shorts? No service.


Chaves, who creates content on OnlyFans, saw her post immediately go viral and has now reached more than 133,000 likes on the platform — but it was shared in more places than just Instagram. In Brazil, she’s done interviews and spoken to the press about the supposed discrimination she received, according to her official Instagram page, even crossing over into international news.

“I think it's absurd that we women are still treated like that just because we dress how we want. The truth is that we go through it because we're too hot, it's only possible!”

She has a point here, but she’s not exactly fighting her best fight here. Women shouldn’t be policed based on the clothes they’re wearing. They shouldn’t be forced to wear clothes that they don’t want to wear. However, are these clothes acceptable for a grocery store?

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People in her comments were not so equally in agreement with her.

“No need to go to a supermarket dressed like that,” someone wrote. Another person asked, “Is this how you enter the forum? Hospital?” A third wrote, “Sense came running after you.”

Many people were in agreement that dressing like this to go to the grocery store was highly inappropriate. One person even made the point, “You are embarrassing the decent people who are often there with children.”

Someone else even called her out, claiming that she merely fabricated the post in order to stir controversy and garner clicks and likes — probably without realizing she would turn into an international celebrity.

They said “If they fix it, there's a piece of clothing inside the cart... I don't think she entered the market like that... maybe she has covered the bottom part and took it just to take those pictures…” Without the rough translation (thanks Instagram), they’re basically saying it was a fixed shoot. 


There’s a skirt inside her shopping cart, and they believe that she waltzed into the store wearing it and only took it off for the photos. “I guess she didn't get kicked out of anything.... even because it seems like there's no one in the market.”

If that’s the case, it worked, and while there’s an argument to be made for women’s clothing not being policed, this “jeans lingerie,” as someone else put it, may not fit the bill for your local grocery store.

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