Fans Think ‘You’ Stars Victoria Pedretti And Dylan Arnold Are Dating In Real Life

The on-screen romance might be real.

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Netflix's "You" stars Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold might have more than just an on-screen romance.

Pedretti, 26, and Arnold, 27, are co-stars in the third season of the Netflix murder show "You" and star as more-than-friendly neighbors who end up sparking up a romance.

You can see the two become closer and closer in the new season of "You" but maybe that's because the two grew closer romantically in their normal lives.


Are Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold dating?

New tips from the celebrity rumor account DeuxMoi suggest that the Netflix stars are dating in real life. 

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But there are conflicting reports that suggest these two may not be anything too serious — yet!

Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold are rumored to be newly dating.

The title of the tip email sent to DeuxMoi reads, "New Cute Couple: YOU" and the message reads, "Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold (guy who plays Theo in S3 of YOU) are dating and she's pretty crazy about him!!"


At first, DeuxMoi posted that the rumor was confirmed, however, soon retracted their statement when new details emerged.

Pedretti and Arnold are not 'official.' 

In a follow-up post, which was screenshotted by a TikToker below, DeuxMoi shares a tip suggesting that Arnold and Pedretti may not be romantic just yet.


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The tip in that email said, "I have good authority — Our dear Victoria Pedretti is NOT in a relationship with her co-star. They may or may not be in the talking stage, but they have not made it official. She very recently got out of a serious relationship with her long-term partner. She has been wanting to take things slow and focus on herself."

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Jordyn Woodruff, who posts about entertainment news and TikTok Tea on her account, voiced her thoughts to Deuxmoi at the end of the video saying, "so you're saying there's a chance, so I'll take it. I love Victoria and Dylan together."

Arnold and Pedretti have reportedly been hanging out.

Antoher DeuxMoi tip claimed the duo have been hanging out and were spotted together two weeks ago at a restaurant. 

celebrity dating rumorsCredit: TikTok


Of course, this doesn't neccesarily mean there's a romance brewing.

The couple was also confirmed to be dating by Netflix Updates Twitter account and fans were loving this new information. 

The two seem like private people but we are excited to see more exciting spottings of this possible couple together in the future. 

Pedretti and Arnold seem to keep their dating history private. 

According to the tip featured in the TikTok, which hasn't been said to be true, Pedretti was previously dating a long-term boyfriend who is unknown but she is currently single. Pedretti has been known for visiting red carpet events, parties, and other events alone, never with a partner. She also doesn't have any pictures on her social media but does occasionally use her Instagram story.


She also said in an interview from last year with InStyle that she is a very private person, "I want them to know less. I want people to know that I have no interest in them speculating about what they don't know."

Arnold's dating history is also unknown, however, he has played a character with an on-screen romance before in the movie "After" where he plays a high-school boyfriend, but his role in "You" is a lot more romantic than his previous role in "After."

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