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Selena Gomez And Chris Evans Are Rumored To Be Dating — And Fans Are Losing Their Minds

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Chris Evans, Selena Gomez

The internet is seemingly up in flames after rumors have begun circulating on if Chris Evans and Selena Gomez are dating.

Immediately both celebrities were trending on Twitter, with their fans eager to share their excitement over their possible relationship.

There were some fans who speculated they were romantically involved, while others thought it might be them collaborating on an upcoming project.

Are Chris Evan and Selena Gomez dating? 

Nothing is confirmed yet but fans have been pointing out some clues that might link these two with one another. 

Chris Evans recently followed Selena Gomez on Instagram.

These romance rumors seem to have arisen after Evans followed Gomez on Instagram back in September. 

Gomez currently does not follow him back, though, so this doesn't seem like the most solid evidence.

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Equally, considering Gomez is one of the most followed people on the platform, Evans is joining a long list of potential suitors! 

Selena Gomez has said she has a crush on Chris Evans. 

Back in 2015, Gomez even admitted to having a crush on Evans during an appearance on ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.’

“I kind of have a crush on Chris Evans,” Gomez said. “Isn’t he cute?”

Gomez and Evans have reportedly been haning out.

Pictures of the pop singer and the Marvel actor being spotted around the same areas of Los Angeles sent fans into more of a frenzy.

The two were allegedly spotted leaving the same studio on October 1, and on the same day spotted leaving the same restaurant.

However, there is little to verify if the two were together and the images may have been taken at different times, in different places. We can still hope, though!

“So Chris Evans is trending and me being me, *duh* I clicked on it. And. It is about a dating rumor. But if that is true. Damn what a powerful / lovely couple,” says one user.

Evans and Gomez are no strangers to relationship rumors.

Gomez’s most publicized relationship was when she dated Justin Bieber, for almost a decade.

The pair were first linked as a couple in 2010, dating on-and-off until the two singers called it quits for good in 2018. 

It was right after that Justin Bieber reconnected with his now-wife, Hailey Bieber, the two getting married after three months of dating.

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Gomez also dated singer, The Weeknd, in 2017, but split after 10 months together. It was widely speculated that his 2018 EP ‘My Dear Melancholy,’ was about his relationship with Selena Gomez, especially the song ‘Call Out My Name.’

For Chris Evans, he is regarded as one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood. Though, the Captain America actor has been linked to a few celebrities over the years from Jenny Slate, to Sandra Bullock, and many others.

Although, his relationship with Jessica Biel was his first publicized relationship as well as his longest to date.

Biel and Evans began dating in 2001, and even starred in two movies together during the course of their 5-year relationship.

It seems fans everywhere want Chris Evans and Selena Gomez to be together, especially after the pictures of them together have gone viral on social media.

Hopefully it will no longer be just a rumor, because those two would look amazing together.

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