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Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson Reportedly Spent A Night In A Hotel Together Before They Were Seen Holding Hands

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Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

They're the couple you never expected yet here we are.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian are reportedly seeing each other and the internet is blown away. The comedian and the reality star shocked the world by stepping out together and it has created some very conflicting opinions of their rumored romance.

Are Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson dating?

While nothing is confirmed, viral photos of the pair holding hands have many curious as to what Davidson and Kardashian's relationship is.

After the two shared a kiss in an SNL skit as Aladdin and Jasmine when Kim hosted the show on October 9th, it seems as if they've gotten closer.

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Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are rumored to have stayed in a hotel together.

Recently the two have been "just friends hanging out" but apparently that might have changed as an "insider" told Gawker magazine that Kardashian and Davidson spent the night together at a Los Angeles hotel on October 28. 

The day after that on October 29th the two were spotted on a rollercoaster at Knott's Scary Farm in Buena Park, California.

The two were out with Kourtney Kardashian and her fiancé Travis Barker, who Davidson likely knows through their mutual friend Machine Gun Kelly, and according to an insider from People, "they hang in the same circles so they will be together from time to time."

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson were spotted holding hands.

The internet went crazy over images of the pair holding on to one another while on a rollercoaster.

It remains unclear if this is a sign that the two are dating or if it is simply two friends comforting one another on a scary ride.

Pete Davidson has joked about Kanye West in the past.

Davidson once joked about being left to foot an expensive restaurant bill in 2019, when he celebrated Kid Cudi's birthday, along with Timothée Chalamet and Kim's husband Kayne West, with whom she is currently going through a divorce.

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He has also teased West over his bipolar disorder after the rapper made a pro-Trump speech in an unaired clip from 'SNL.'

Davidson, who has also been open about living with bipolar, criticized West's outburst in a 'Weekend Update' with Colin Jost.

"Kanye, I know you're like 'this is the real me, I'm off the meds,'" Davidson joked, "Take 'em."

"There's no shame in the medicine game. I'm on them. It's great." He continued candidly. "Take them, there's nothing wrong with taking them." 

Lots of people on Twitter had some things to say about the two being spotted together.

One user posted that seeing the couple together proves we are living in a simulation. 

Another referenced the Paul Rudd "Hot Ones" meme as lots of people are thinking who would've thought they would see them as a couple, not me!

Some think it won't last because of Davidson's history of dating lots of women for short periods of time, most recently he was dating actress Phoebe Dynevor of Netflix's "Bridgerton" and was very friendly with Kaley Cuoco on the set of their upcoming movie "Meet Cute."

Others think it just doesn't make sense and they are confused. 

However, who knows, maybe this is something that Kim needs while going through her divorce, or maybe she wants in on the aesthetic of dating a pale white man with tattoos like her sister Kourtney and Megan Fox. Whatever the reason, we are excited to see where it goes. 

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