Mom Receives Negative Feedback After Posting Photo Of 11-Year-Old Daughter On Vacation Wearing A Bikini

People are concerned that the young girl is being exploited.

Abbey Clancy, Sophia Clancy, vacation @abbeyclancy / Instagram 

A mother’s family vacation photos are gaining attention for all the wrong reasons. 

She is being slammed after sharing a photo of her 11-year-old daughter on the beach that people are calling inappropriate. 

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The mother posted a photo of her 11-year-old daughter on vacation wearing a bikini. 

Abbey Clancey, a 36-year-old mother of four and swimsuit model, recently embarked on a family trip to the Maldives with her husband, Peter Crouch, and children, Sophia, 11, Liberty, 7, Johnny, 4, and Jack, 3. 


Clancey has shared several shots on her Instagram account of her family and friends soaking up the warm weather and playing on the beach. 

However, one shot, in particular, has sparked controversy and fans are calling the model out for exploiting her daughter. 

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The photo depicts Clancey’s 11-year-old daughter, Sophia, standing on the beach, wearing a leopard-print bikini top with black bottoms along with a pink flower tucked behind her ear. 

“My beautiful fish,” Clancey captioned the post. 

While some Instagram users complimented the young girl on her beautiful looks, others were quick to call out her mother for what they believed to be an inappropriate shot. 

“Not appropriate,” one user commented. 

“Would not post this on social media, hun,” another user wrote. 

“This should make some headlines,” another user added. 

Some users were concerned for the young girl's safety since her photo exposing her stomach was posted online for millions of people to see.


“What if she doesn’t want this exposure in the future?? Social media is not the way at all for a child,” another user expressed. 

“Some evil people out there use photo images of young children, without consent for some really dreadful things, and children should be protected from that,” another user pointed out. 

While users may have Sophia's best intentions in mind, it should be acknowledged that no one should see the image as anything other than a child enjoying a vacation. 


However, although Clancey intended the photo to be an innocent shot of her daughter enjoying her vacation, many people warned the model to refrain from posting images of her children to avoid them being exploited online without their consent. 

Clancey has yet to address the negative feedback she has been receiving for her post about Sophia.

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