Christian Pastor Slammed For Viral Letter Warning Women Not To Be Seen In ‘Bikinis, Bras Or Anything Similar’

Seriously though, who asked?

Brian Sauve talking YouTube

On February 7th, a Christian pastor by the name of Brian Sauvé flexed his chauvinistic fingers and made a misogynistic tweet about what he thinks women are and aren’t allowed to wear.

Fortunately, Twitter is probably among the worst places to spread your hateful rhetoric because the tweet and his Twitter page have gotten over 20 million impressions and has been replied to over 20,000 times — even by Adidas.


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What is “Dear Brian?” Christian pastor trends after sexist letter on Twitter.

His tweet begins, “Dear Ladies, There is no reason whatsoever for you to post pictures of yourself in low cut shirts, bikinis, bra and underwear, or anything similar—ever.”

Did you want to have a fun day at the beach with your friends? Maybe even your family? Or, God forbid, your newborn baby?


Well, you better not document it or people like Sauvé are going to be real upset.

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According to him, there’s no reason whatsoever, and in case you wanted to see if there were any exceptions, he gives a little clarification as well — for those who are confused.

“Not to show your weight loss journey. Not to show your newborn baby. Not to document your birth story. -Your Brothers,” he signs the tweet.

Twitter was quick to share their own 'Dear Brian' letters.

Aside from this being Twitter and a place where people are allowed to share their opinions and personal beliefs however they want — why would someone do it so wrongly?


About 20,000 people decided to read this and mock the letter form of the tweet, opting to start their retorts with “Dear Brian,” and get the opening address trending on Twitter.

Most popularly — and becoming a trending subject of its own — Adidas replied with their newest campaign, titled #SupportIsEverything where they aimed to support all body types with their new line of sports bras and advertised them with a collage of womens’ breasts.

“Dear Brian, All bodies should be celebrated and supported, without shame or exception. - adidas #SupportIsEverything,” read their tweet which has gotten about 1200 more likes than the original one Sauvé sent.


“Dear Brian: I am a proud member of the congregation of the Holy Church of Mind Your Own Damn Business. You should try it sometime. — My Body, My Choice,” read a tweet from Katie S. Phang, a legal contributor for NBC and MSNBC.

Brian Sauvé has made many misogynistic tweets in the past.

A lot of people also decided to take a deep dive into Sauvé’s account and life, exposing the moments in which he posted pictures of his wife that coincide with his own strict guidelines.


“Brian: Ladies, stop wearing low cut shirts. Also Brian: heres a picture of my wife in a low cut shirt. Are you happy with your 2 minutes of fame Brian?” read one of the tweets that referenced a collage of photos from Sauvé at the St. Brendan's Classical Christian Academy opening.

In typical political fashion, it turned into a battle of left vs. right and feminists vs. misogynists, with people trying to “dunk on” or “own” Sauvé, and others coming to his rescue by sharing their archaic beliefs on how women should behave in society.


But Sauvé doesn’t seem to care, and has actually doubled down and embraced his new Twitter fame even if it comes from a place of hatred.

He even started another thread where he could talk to his newfound hate followers about several subjects like the #MeToo movement and sexual ethics.

Regardless of all the attention, his 15 minutes of fame will be over soon enough and people will move on to the next trend where they can spread their beliefs however they please.


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