12 Guys Reveal What Summer Clothes Women Wear That They LOVE

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summer clothes guys like

Rompers, booty shorts, bikinis, OH MY.

It’s that time of year again, ladies. We’ve shed our winter coats and have broken out the razors in preparation for yet another smooth summer.

Every girl has her favorite sunny day attire to make her feel comfy or sultry, depending on the occasion. But it's not always easy to decide on an outfit for the day, what with our massive closets full of absolutely nothing we can wear. 

So what is it that guys find you most attractive in? I talked to 13 guys to get their honest opinions. Here are the summer clothes guys like most on women.

1. Anything classy

“I’m definitely a huge fan of rompers and sundresses. I think young ladies can look really classy in those. I think girls always look so good when they class-up their outfits.”

2. Short-shorts

“Skanky as f*ck sun dresses are always good and, as always, short shorts are encouraged”

3. Booty shorts — but mix it up

“I feel the norm is booty shorts, which is great, but it gets redundant. So much variety with dresses, skirts, and rompers.”

4. Bikinis

Bikinis are always a yes.”

5. Jean shorts

“Honestly, I like jean shorts. They’re pretty hot.”

6. Sundresses

“Hard to beat a good sundress.”

7. Crop tops

“Short shorts and crop top combos are definitely good.”

8. Anything that resembles a Coachella look

“I’m a fan of the whole Boho chic movement.”

9. Rompers

“I’m not sure what it is about rompers, but girls instantly look hotter in them.”

10. Whatever unique clothing or accessories she comes up with

“Girls who differ from the mainstream trends stand out though, for sure.”

11. Sporty, casual clothes

“I like to see girls wearing more athletic shorts, like Soffes.

12. Whatever makes her personality shine through

“I don’t think it matters what a girl wears, I think her personality should dictate that, not me.”

So, there you have it: the summer clothes guys like to see you in. While it's nice to feel flattered, be sure to dress for YOU this summer in whatever makes you feel comfortable.