Aww! 10 Things Men Cannot Get Enough Of When It Comes To Women

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Spoiler alert: It includes your jiggly parts!

So what do men love about women, really? We asked a handful of men what elicits lust, love and everything in between. What we received was an eclectic mixture of womanly charms — some we knew, some we didn't — that cause even the most rugged of men to utter "I love you."

1. You're incredibly soft.

"I love how women smell. It's this amazing combination of shampoo, perfume, and whatever girly soap/body wash stuff you guys use in the shower. Women smell amazing. Almost all the time." —Nick, 29

"Women are always so soft. I love their stomachs and resting my head on their breasts." —Andrew, 22

2. You're maternal.

"I love how women have these maternal instincts. They're so much more warm and caring then your male friends. Oh, and if you cook for us, we'll love you forever." —Brian, 32

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3. You look hot in bikinis.

"Why do men love women? One word: Bikinis! All women just look so good in them, no matter how out-of-shape or 'fat' you complain about feeling." —Mark, 31

4. You're good listeners.

"I'd much rather talk to a female friend when I have a super-huge emotional problem to solve. I get the sense they listen more than any of my guy friends and offer so much better insight." —Alex, 24

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5. You're good at expressing yourselves.

"Sometimes you think we don't care because we don't sit there like your girlfriends and chat with you about how happy we are to have met you, but that isn't the case. We have a hard time expressing ourselves. You ladies take it for granted how easily words come to you. I'm jealous." —Omar, 35

6. You make great little spoons.

"A woman's body just fits so perfectly into yours at night. Spooning is so underrated." —Aaron, 37

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7. You aren't afraid to cry or be emotional.

"Sometimes I'm envious at how women are allowed to show all their emotions whenever they want. Men want to cry, or blame a bad mood on PMS, or act like a baby, but we swallow it up and act macho. It's exhausting." —Will, 23

8. Your hips don't lie.

"A woman's body has so much personality! God, just watching a woman walk down the street is so much more interesting than watching a man. It's all in the hips. The bodies are just so much more beautiful." —Jason, 27

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9. You look sexy as hell in heels.

"Nothing makes legs look better then a sexy pair of heels. We all love them, even if it does make you a few inches taller than us. Oh, but just remember to bring some flats in your bag for the end of the night. It's annoying to hear you obsessively complain." —Frederic, 27

10. You even look good in sweatpants.

"We like it when you're dressed to the nines for a night out as much as the next person, but there's something super-sexy when you're dressed down with no makeup. Bonus point if you're sweating and in your gym clothes." —Darryl, 40