10 Things Every Woman Deserves In A Man — No. Matter. What.

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what women deserve in a man relationship

In life, we settle for so many average things because they’re convenient, and well ... easy. One thing that should never be mediocre is love and relationships.

Love should be amazing, mind blowing, life changing, and really, really wonderful. Love is supposed to make all of the common things feel so much more exciting.



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Here are 10 things every woman deserves from a man they are going to have a lasting relationship with: 

1. You deserve someone who’s going to impact your life

When it comes to love, you shouldn’t settle for anything but the absolute best.

You deserve someone who’s going to make an imprint in your life; someone who’s going to show you that they care about you.

There’s a difference between telling someone you adore them, and showing them. Be with the person who will do anything to show you that he cares.

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2. You deserve someone who misses you when he’s not with you

You ought to be with a man who finds himself thinking about you when he’s not with you and counting down the hours until he can see you again.

Be with the man who always makes an effort to see you.



3. You deserve to be with a man who treats you right

You deserve someone who treats you like a Queen because he knows that’s what you are. He should jump through hoops for you.

You matter to him and he reminds you of that on a daily basis. Be with the man who treats you well.

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4. You deserve someone who challenges you

You deserve someone who will confront you when he doesn’t agree with you. He gives you his honest opinion and challenges you right to the core.

Be with someone whom you find incredibly interesting.

5. You deserve desire

You deserve passion — the “I can’t stop thinking about you and have to have you right now” kind of passion. You should be with someone who makes you always feel wanted.

You should be with someone who kisses you every morning and looks at you with love and warmth in his eyes. Be with someone who enjoys pleasuring you and always makes sure you’re physically satisfied.

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6. You deserve someone who incorporates you into his life

He’s eager to introduce you to his family, friends, and co-workers. He values the opinion of the important people in his life and he wants you to meet all of them.

He tries to see you every chance he can. Be with someone who always makes time for you.



7. You deserve someone who is caring

You deserve a man who remembers the special occasions and note-worthy moments. You deserve someone who brings you flowers and chocolate just because.

Be with someone who is kind because that's what makes a man marriage material.

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8. You deserve a planner

You deserve someone who loves to plan because he knows it brings joy to your life. You should date someone who reminds you that you’re special and makes an effort to make you happy.

Be with someone who plans far in advance.

9. You deserve a romantic

You deserve a man who knows that chivalry isn’t dead. He opens doors for you, pulls out your chair, and courts you. He knows how to woo you.

You deserve someone who holds your hand; someone who walks next to you and is proud to be dating you. You deserve to be with someone who knows he’s lucky to be your man.

Be with someone who believes in romance.

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10. You deserve someone who makes you better

He brings out the best in you and loves having you in his life. You deserve someone who goes out of his way to put a smile on your face. You’re worthy of a man who makes your dreams come true.

You deserve the fairy tale.

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Carly Spindel is a matchmaker and relationship expert who together with her mom Janis are responsible for 5,020 combined marriages since 1993.