5 Daily Habits Of Women Whose Husbands Are Madly In Love With Them

It's the little things that can make a big difference.

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I recently did a survey of my male friends and my male clients, asking them about the daily habits of women whose husbands are madly in love with them.

I might be a life coach but that doesn’t mean I always know what is going on in the mind of a man so I thought I would reach out to the experts.

The answers that I got were interesting ones, ones that I know I dropped the ball on when I was married.


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Here are five small habits that will keep your husband happy and your marriage strong

1. Notice him

I know that when I was married, my husband was pretty much invisible.

When we were first together, before kids, he was the center of my attention.


When he walked into the room, I noticed him. I would seek out his company. I would appreciate the things that he did for me. I would praise him for the things that were going well in his life.

I made him feel loved every day. And I assume that is why he asked me to marry him. Unfortunately, the day my daughter was born, everything changed.

I remember coming home from dropping my mother off at the airport, wondering how I was going to handle having a baby without her. My husband asked me what was for dinner and I said lasagna. My mother had made a bunch of it for us so that I wouldn’t have to cook.

His reaction? “Again? Will we ever again eat anything other than lasagna?”


My reaction? “How am I ever going to cook and take care of a baby? You are going to have to take care of yourself going forward.”

In retrospect, that was the day that our relationship changed forever. One day he was the center of my world and then the next day my daughter was born. He was always second from that day forward.

When my husband found a new wife, the thing that he threw in my face was that at least she cared about him. She noticed his success and made him feel loved. That was what he had been missing in our marriage more than anything, feeling important and noticed.

So, one of the most important daily habits of women whose husbands are madly in love with them is that they pay attention to them, to both the little things and the big ones.


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2. Initiate physical touch

Every single one of the men who I asked what would make them the happiest said that they wanted to feel like their wives wanted them. And not just want them sexually (although that was important) but also that they found them physically attractive and that they wanted to have their hands on them.

One man said that, when his wife cuddled on his shoulder when they watched a movie, he felt very protective of her, which he loved. One man said that every time his wife reaches out to hold his hand he feels really good.

Another said that when she kisses him in public he feels like she is marking her territory and proudly declaring him hers.


For many men, their top love language is physical touch. Of course, they love sexual intimacy (very much and would be very happy to have that as one of their wife’s daily habits), but it is the touching outside of sex that really makes them feel loved, and feel like a man.

When their wife reaches out for them, to pat their butt as they pass by or tussle their hair while they are watching the game, the touch causes a huge surge of dopamine, a feel-good chemical. The men feel good with this release of dopamine and they associate those good feelings with their wives.

So you see, whether in or out of the bedroom, when a woman touches her man, he feels a rush of good feeling, one that will only keep him madly in love with her.

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3. Take care of yourself

It is very important for husbands that their wives take care of themselves. They like to see that their women are physically and mentally healthy and seeing them be that way makes them super loveable.

I am not saying that they want their wives to work themselves up into a lather making sure they are super hot for their men like our mothers and grandmothers did, but that they want to see that their wives are making an effort to take care of their physical and mental health, for themselves and for them.

This means eating well and exercising. This means taking time for themselves. This means not always putting the needs of others over themselves. This means spending some money on a haircut or mani/pedi (or both). This means doing whatever needs to be done to take care of their mental health.

And while men certainly appreciate a woman who takes the time to look good for them on special occasions, it’s really the self-esteem that a woman who takes care of themselves possesses that they find most attractive.


A woman with high self-esteem is a confident woman. She is a woman who will be kind to her husband and to others. She is a woman who will want to reach out and touch them (and hopefully have sex with them). She is a woman he can walk next to and be proud of.

So, know that getting yourself to the gym or taking time for yourself will not only be beneficial to you but will be really good for your marriage.

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4. Don't be overly helpful

I thought that this was a really interesting one.

What did they mean by not being too helpful? I mean, what person wouldn’t want his wife to take care of him?

Women are, by nature, caregivers. We long to take care of anyone and everyone, often to the point that we stop doing anything for ourselves and we get resentful and bitter about it. Especially with our spouses. But men don’t want that. They don’t want us to be too helpful.


Don’t get me wrong. Men love having their socks picked up and their laundry is done for them. They like not having to buy Christmas presents for the extended family or wipe down the sink. But they do want to feel like they can take of themselves. That they are a contributing member of a couple. Maybe even sometimes the guy in charge.

Imagine if your husband insisted on doing everything, leaving you wondering what your role was in the family. Imagine him always taking charge, leaving you to follow. Imagine if he made you feel bad for everything that he does for you, even if he insists on doing it all himself.

Would that make you madly in love with him? I am guessing not.

So, let him do his thing and take care of himself. And maybe even take care of you for a change.


Oh, and one more thing — did you know that when you baby your husband too much he starts to look at you like he does his mother? Do you want him to start equating you with his mother? I didn’t think so.

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5. Walk around naked

Ok, so I had to throw this one in. Why? Because every man I talked to said that seeing his wife walking around naked would literally make his day.


This guy's response was so perfect that I am going to let him tell it:

"It’s that simple. Walk around naked. And if it feels better to walk around in your underpants or underwear, then okay, a little mystery is good too. We like your dimples, your rumples and, no matter what you might think, we find all of you sexy.  Okay ... so that's pretty simple. Get naked. Just as simple as taking off a few clothes when you do chores or hang out on the porch in your bikini. Yeah, that polka dot one .... we love it. And it’s really not about sex. We just love you naked. You know that old joke: How to please a woman? A very long list follows. Flowers, dinner reservations, paying attention, listening, etc. How to please a man: Show up naked, bring beer."

So, one of the seemingly most important daily habits of women whose husbands are madly in love with them is to walk around naked, or at least almost so.

Keeping in mind the daily habits of women whose husbands are madly in love with them as we go through our day is a very good idea.


I know that, in this modern day, women often feel like we shouldn't need to change or do something different to make their husbands happy. That’s on them, right?

Think about it, though. Aren’t there things that you would love your husband to do every day, things that would make feel loved and appreciated and madly in love with him? If he didn’t do those things, do you think that your marriage would hold up? Probably not.

So, make an effort every day to do the little things that will keep your husband happy and madly in love with you so that your marriage is a long and happy one.

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Mitzi Bockmann is a certified life and relationship coach. She has over 10 years of experience helping people find happiness in life and love.