9 Unsexy Signs You're In Love With A Wildcard Personality

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Everyone knows a wildcard. They're the person that can come through when you need them most, or fail you in equally spectacular fashion — and you never know which until it happens.

When you're in a relationship with a wildcard, there's only one thing you can do: expect the unexpected.

Maybe they'll show up at your work and bring you flowers. Maybe they'll show up and start a scene. Flip a coin. Maybe you'll never see them again. Also, now you need to find a three-sided object to flip.

Why? Because the wildcard isn't a part of your world. The wildcard lives in their own world, and it just happens to intersect with yours once in a while. It's their show and you're just along for the ride.

A person is a wildcard because they're a special blend of capricious and determined. Their mind is like a race car that constantly takes right-angle turns at 110.

It's hard to have a relationship with such a paragon of unpredictability because you'll NEVER know what he's thinking. He may not even know.

I imagine a wildcard making a decision is like a person with ADD and bipolar disorder asking a magic eight ball non-yes/no questions ... then smashing the eight ball, drinking the mystery liquid inside, and doing the first thing the hallucinated voices tell them to.

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So yeah, good luck dating that guy. He's how you can spot him before it's too late.

Here are 9 unsexy signs you're in love with a wildcard personality:

1. You never know what he's thinking

The definition of a wildcard. He lives in left field, and occasionally ventures into reality from that direction.

2. You never know if it's going to be a good night or a bad night

Spontaneity can be positive in a relationship. True random chaos leads to headaches.

3. You never know if he's even going to show up at all

A wildcard unpredictable nature lends them to be poor time managers, to say the least.

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4. His friends look a little uneasy when the two of you show up

He's given his friends unpredictability PTSD. They don't know if it's about to be the best night ever or the worst.

5. You don't hear from him for days

A wildcard operates on their own schedule — the rest of the world be damned.

6. His friends and/or family call you to ask where he is 

He's not just ghosting you, he's just a wildcard.

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7. He reappears as if nothing happened

A hallmark of being a wildcard isn't realizing the effects it has on other people. If they did, they wouldn't be like that.

8. He reacts positively and negatively to the same things at different times

Nobody's a robot, but a wildcard's wildly erratic emotions are a factor of his impulsive nature.

9. He's always super-enthusiastic about ideas he comes up with — even if they're insane

They don't have a filter for their whims, so they explore them all.

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