15 Rare Traits Guys May Not Appreciate About You Now, But Will In 10 Years

Men mature slower than women, but a real man will love you for exactly who you are.

Last updated on Nov 22, 2023

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When it comes to dating as a woman there are many things that we view as unattractive about ourselves. Or personality traits we see as valuable that are failed to be recognized or appreciated regardless of how beneficial we believe they are.

It can be disheartening when it feels like no one will ever value who we are or accept us. The truth is, men are still maturing and really aren’t aware of everything we have to offer.


Here are 15 traits strong women have now that men will definitely appreciate in the next 10 years.

1. Having your life together

While we may still be falling into place now, we certainly are usually more ahead than they are. They’ll love that a woman has a job she’s passionate about, can plan things accordingly, and knows her worth.

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2. Ambition

Guys might be intimidated by our ambition now, but in a few years they’ll admire this quality. And ladies, be thankful, because it shows that you know how to work hard, as well as get what you want while being able to do it with no outside motivation.


3. Showing interest

They might like to play games now, but when you’re able to be vulnerable and show interest, they’ll love that confidence. Plus, it shows you aren’t interested in wasting someone's time. 



4. A good sense of fashion

They might roll their eyes when you go shopping now or see your online shopping addiction and closet. But someone who looks well put together, looks accomplished and gives a good impression to other people.

5. Emotional awareness within yourself

If you can identify that you were a little crazy and out of line during an argument, or speak up when you feel uncomfortable or unheard, they’ll love that you can communicate how you’re feeling and are trying to change it. 


6. Your body type

You might think most men only want a certain type now, but they always get to a point where they fall in love with a personality more than looks. In fact, they’ll love all your body imperfections from the crinkles by your eyes or your stretch marks.

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7. Small breasts

Like with your curves, there’s a misconception you have to have big breasts to be considered attractive. Truth is, they all love perky breasts and rather you not have a super-padded bra. 

8. Penny-pinching habits

They might tease you about being cheap or trying to save money. But when your relationship gets serious enough to where your finances affect each other's, they’ll adore and be thankful for your ability to save and allocate money.


9. Kindness

The mean women they loved before were usually just hot. Once they recognize that a vast majority of them have ugly personalities, the more they’ll value a woman’s kindness.



10. Independence

The ability to do things alone is very attractive because men will see that you will be fine if you don’t have them around to depend or rely on. Plus, it shows you're a boss babe.

11. Strength

Whether it’s a muscular woman who can kick butt at the gym or a woman who is strong mentally, they love strength! It shows they have will power, motivation to succeed, and drive that will force them to get to their end goal. 


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12. Body hair

You may hate the fact you have hairy armpits or have to shave your legs every day, but body hair isn’t as important when deep in a relationship as you think. Heck, they won’t even notice it after a while, and if they do, they just get used to it because it’s part of who you are.

13. Glasses

You might have felt nerdy for having to wear glasses, but over time glasses have a sophisticated attractive reputation that most guys can’t resist. 

14. Predictability

Maybe you’re a typical and predictable woman, but they’ll love that certainty and will appreciate it because they will know what you like or how you schedule your day.




15. Ability to plan

They may hate how you need to plan your dates a week in advanced, but soon enough they’ll be thankful. After all, it means you’re prioritizing and trying to accommodate to them the best you can. And it’s always a bonus when it means you’ll be able to schedule in some time for relaxation, too.

You might feel that these traits are frowned upon flaws because of comments men in your past have made. But this is not the case whatsoever! 


Truthfully, they’re just too immature right now to realize that these things about you are actually an added bonus of what makes you so great. Plus, by accepting these things, it only shows that you are confident in yourself and proud of who you are.

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