10 Tiny Things Men Who Dig You Do Differently

Here are the secret things guys will do if they like you.

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When it comes to girls, guys will often do a lot of crazy things to show they’re interested. They may get nervous and puke on their dinner plates. They might try to make the whole “blasting music from a stereo at 3 AM until the cops get called” thing. They might even go a bit nuts and have verbal diarrhea.

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However, most men aren’t like this. They’re subtler when they show their interest.


The problem with people like me and many other people out there is that most of the time, the tiny little indicators of interest never really seem to get noticed. Truthfully, there are plenty of things that guys will do just a smidgen differently when they’re around a girl they like.

If you're looking for clues on how to tell if a guy likes you, the following are good examples of the little things guys do differently when they’re crushing on a girl or are just slightly interested.

Here are 10 tiny things men who dig you do differently:

1. They talk differently

Studies show that men who are interested in a girl will talk in a higher pitched voice than if they were just talking to a guy friend or a girl they don’t see sexually. It’s not certain why this happens, but it could be a sign that they’re “softening up” their personality so that they are less threatening.


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2. They show interest by making lame jokes, especially self-deprecating ones

Do you know how guys tend to joke about being “so lame” around girls? Yeah, that’s often because they don’t really know what to say to a girl they like without sounding lame — and that’s actually kinda cute if you think about it.

3. Speaking of self-deprecating humor, they also might fish for compliments

You’d be shocked at how many guys do this when they’re around the girls they like. Part of it is that they do need validation, the other part might be because they really want to get some kind of indicator that you won’t bite off their heads.

4. They might also walk more slowly

Don’t ask why, but other studies also showed men who want to get a girl’s interest will walk slower than guys who are not into women. Go figure.


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5. They'll also lose their mind a bit when it comes to risk

Studies show that men who are near beautiful women are way more likely to take risks than men who are near other men. The reason why is that it makes their testosterone surge. So those hospital bills he got after accidentally lighting his butt on fire? Aww, he earned them because he likes you!

6. If you’re dealing with an a**hole, the fact that they acknowledge your very existence may be an indicator of interest

Look, I’m just going to say that there are men out there who only value women as people if they are sexually interested in them or are being paid by them. If you notice him ignoring other women when they address him, then, well... you might have caught a jerk’s attention.

7. They'll often be more polite and on their best behavior

Part of how to tell if a guy likes you may include him changing his behavior. This is because guys tend to know that acting like a tool will not get you laid. That’s why they will put their best foot forward with girls they like and why they might be acting like they just graduated from etiquette school.


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8. They'll try to chat you up about topics you like, or school you on topics they like, as an icebreaker

This wholesome approach is one of the oldest and best ways that guys tend to put the moves on girls. If you notice a pretty heavy attempt to get to know you, it could be that he’s interested in you — or just friendly, if he’s that way with everyone.

9. They might get a bit braggy

Guys often feel a need to show that they have something to bring to the table other than their penises, especially if they see a girl they want long-term. If you hear them talking about their careers a lot or showing you their newest mixtape, that could be how they try to woo you.


10. They might just act like a jerk

A lot of men do not grow out of those middle school days. If he’s being mean, it could be that he’s immature and has a crush on you. That being said, this isn’t cute nor a good indicator that he’ll be good to you, so pass on him. 

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Ossiana Tepfenhart is a writer whose work has been featured in Yahoo, BRIDES, Your Daily Dish, New Theory Magazine, and others.