7 Tiny Signs The Person You Love Is Your Actual Soulmate

Know what you are searching for first.

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A soulmate is the one special person every person desires to be with. It is why people break up and move from one relationship to another. Could we be looking for the wrong things and hoping they will lead us to our soulmates? A few lucky ones connect with their soulmate, and we all stand to admire their relationships and hope one day we can meet our soulmates, too.

Many of us have settled for less. We settle for comfort, company, status, money, provision, and physical intimacy. It doesn't take long before dissatisfaction sets in, then frustration and a feeling of missing out on something great. So we begin the search again, in the process hurting others, and the idea of a soulmate becomes a warped-up source of confusion.


We keep doing the same things while hoping to yield different results, but in the process, we create a mess. We focus on the irrelevant and wonder why it’s not sticking. You need to clean up the mess you have made in the past so you can open up the clarity to attract your soulmate. The question is, do we know what we are searching for?

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Here are 7 tiny signs the person you love is your actual soulmate:

1. You have a soul connection.

This is the number one priority. You need to know you have met the one this is knowing comes from a deeper part of your soul. You cannot move forward if this is not there. There is an instant knowing. It doesn't grow on you. There are no questions about it. He will know, and you will know. It feels like you have met the other you that has been long lost, and the connection is like a glove fits into the hand. You will be left wondering what hit you or what just happened. Many confuse this with physical attraction and chemistry feelings, but this goes beyond that. This is what many of us are searching for. And when you find it, you will feel the impact as it rocks your soul, not your body, but your soul.


2. You have strong communication.

Once the soul connection is established, the next thing you need is communication and how you relate to each other. A strong relationship is founded on a strong communication foundation. Most people think once you are in a relationship, you are going to automatically know what the other person needs or wants without clearly communicating your desires.

We are all born into different backgrounds, and we learn to communicate differently. So, expecting the other to communicate with you without telling them how is setting both of you up for disaster. Men and women are built and function differently, so the foundation for communication has to be strong to sustain a great relationship. So when you meet your soul mate, you are not to believe they will automatically know what you want and need without communicating that to them in a way they will know. This is a deep knowing, not the one you can forget when you are stressed, but an ingrained soul knowledge. I take this as reminding them of your soul self-desires.

3. You are both established.

Your soulmate needs to be established in who they are, not who you can make them be. That is a 3D thing. They come fully complete and established in their life purpose on this earth. They are not low in confidence and want you to pep them up by telling them how good they are, but they are fully sure and accept their shortcomings and all. They have come to peace with their past stories. They have rebuilt themselves up to the full security of their soul. They are grounded in their soul.




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4. You both can be open and vulnerable with each other.

This here is a very scary place to be, and most of us open ourselves up to the wrong people, and we get hurt. This then causes us to close up for fear of being hurt again. Your soulmate has managed to heal themselves and is ready to be open and vulnerable with you. You will need to be at the same level with them otherwise, this will not fit.

Here, you reveal yourself most unusually, and often it does not take effort it comes out easily because you sense you are in your place. With vulnerability, women flourish, for it is in them to nurture, and they rise above what you would never understand to meet your needs. Their desire for doing this is to be loved for being themselves. They do this with their kids it comes naturally to them, and men desire this because this is what mummy did with them, but they don’t know how to activate it with their partners.




5. You establish a commitment.

Most people believe commitment is putting a ring on it, marriage, wedding, or taking vows. That’s not it. We still have divorce despite someone vowing till death do us part. So, we have to look at what commitment means. Soulmate commitment means we are in this thing together. No matter what happens along the way, we will get to the end as one. We work things out because we are good together rather than alone. There is no need to fight for it because this kind of commitment is founded on agape love, and nothing can change it.

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6. You are both whole.

This is someone who understands who they are, where they are, and what they are here to do. They understand there is nothing anybody else can do to make them a better person. They take full responsibility for their mistakes, growth, actions, decisions, and everything that comes with life.


They know they are a powerful creator and have created their life the way it has been. They are not looking for you to make them whole by what you will do for them, neither are they looking to make you whole for what they do for you. They understand you are whole and there is nothing they need to do to change you or make you. They are happy with the way you are. Nothing is missing and nothing is broken.

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7. You both have stability.

Your soulmate needs to be in alignment with themselves, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. When they are in balance, they are surely able to bring balance around them without imposing, manipulating, blaming, or fault-finding. Stability takes a lot. You have to have matured in all these areas for them to pull this off from their surroundings. Bear in mind maturity doesn't mean age. It means you have found yourself and are connected to the source of your being. An emotionally stable person brings calmness into the atmosphere and stabilizes things, even those that seem to have been going the wrong way.

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Martina Nyamainashe is a transforming empowerment coach and works with women who are going through a relationship breakup.