4 Tiny Changes That Up Your Chance Of Meeting Your Soulmate By 99%

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Whenever you start dating someone new, it's normal to wonder if you've finally met your soulmate. Are they really "the one," are there obvious soulmate signs, or is this a temporary attraction?

If you don't want to waste time investing emotional energy in someone who won't work out, you need to stop focusing on dating and turn your attention inward to your personality traits.

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Here are 4 things you must do if you finally want to meet your soulmate:

1. Know who you are

There is no perfect formula for attracting the right person. The only key here is to know yourself and become the person you want to be.

How would you know what traits you want in a partner when you don’t know what you like and want? You have to know yourself first.

Identify your values, beliefs, and principles. Once you have identified these, what you look for in a partner should have the same or respect your values, beliefs, and principles.

2. Accept your flaws

There is no such thing as a perfect person.

Learn to accept and appreciate your flaws so that when you meet that someone, they will also accept and appreciate your flaws as part of who you are.

Your flaws make you different from others, so you should also accept the imperfections of your potential partner.



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3. Be the type of person your potential soulmate would want

Become the type of person that will attract your ideal partner.

For example, if you want someone confident, be confident, too. If you are looking for a physically fit partner, become physically fit, too.

Don’t only focus on your desire; think about the characteristics your potential partner is looking for in their other half.

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4. Don't stress about being single for a little while

Don't be pressured if it takes a while for you to find the right person for you. You will find and meet that person at the right time. Don't be distraught over failed dates and relationships; it's part of the process.

Learn from it, move on, and try again. Allow life to take control, and enjoy your time meeting new people.

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If you want the rules of attraction to work in your favor, then you need to make sure instead of asking, "Who is my soulmate?" you think about who you want that person to be.

When you were young, you probably thought finding your soulmate was easy. Just like in the fairy tales, when the princess and prince set their eyes on each other, they instantly knew they'd live happily ever after. No failed relationships, no exes.

But as you grow older and experience dating — or experience ending a relationship — you realize it takes time before you know if a person is the one for you.

If you want to know how to attract the one for you, or if you have failed dates and relationships because you constantly attract the wrong person, understanding how attraction works will help you know how to search for Mx. Right instead of Mx. Right Now.

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