If Your Partner Is Really Your Forever Person, They'll Have These 3 Qualities

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woman looking longingly at her forever person on the beach

In case you didn't already know, love doesn’t pan out like a rom-com film. Not all of us get to find the right person at the train station, bar, or at a friend’s wedding.

Sometimes we’ve already found them but time isn’t just on our side. Sometimes we’ve lost them, but someday we’ll be surprised to see them come back at us.

Meeting your soulmate won’t be as easy as you thought it would be. Maybe because if it is, there’s a chance that you’ll only take it for granted. You’ll be quick to throw away the love that you have in front of you since you’ve never worked hard for it anyway. You’ll give up in a heartbeat when things get rough.



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The world won't hand over your true love in a grand way. There will be no rose parade or surprise mob dance to reveal them to you. No one will come knocking on your door in the middle of the night to make all your dreams come true.

The story of how your forever person will appear in your life might be simple. It could be waking up on a weekend morning and realizing that someone in your life now matters to you more than you originally thought. It could be hearing someone in front of you speak so intelligently you keep your eyes off of them. 

There are infinite ways in which your forever person could come into your life. And most of the time, it’s nothing special.

Life isn’t one big cheesy, romantic novel. It has weird plot twists and long, boring chapters. You won’t get to have romantic, dramatic movie moments all the time.

In fact, the person that you’re going to be spending the rest of your life with won’t be the one you’ve imagined before. They won’t carry all the characteristics and physical attributes that you have in your checklists. They won’t live up to the hype. They won’t fulfill your fantasies.

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If you've met your forever person, they'll have one of these qualities:

1. They will be flawed and, at times, annoying.

You will love them and be disappointed by them. They will bring you to good places and put you through hell. You will doubt them and be confused because of them.

But they will grow on you. They will carve a permanent space in your heart.



2. They'll be someone you feel completely comfortable around. 

You will not be scared to open up to them. And even if they don’t say the right words when you need to hear them, you know they will be beside you. That their presence will be enough to calm the storm inside of you.

The thing is, your life will not magically become a fairy tale just because you have found the right person. You will feel better, for sure, but you will still go through struggles and hardships and crappy times.

The only difference is that, when you have someone special, problems will become manageable. Because there’s a person around you who will make every day worth living.

3. They will be a mirror of you — a beautifully messed up human being.

They will not be a lead character in the movie of your life. They may not be able to save the world. They won't become the face of revolution.

Your forever person will simply help you be okay with everything in life. And if you think about it, that’s enough.



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Angelo Caerlang is a former digital media writer, contributor to YourTango and Thought Catalog, and published author of "Sparks in Broken Lights."

This article was originally published at Thought Catalog. Reprinted with permission from the author.