20 Meaningful Things To Do For A Woman Whose Love Language Is Quality Time

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What does it mean when a woman's love language is quality time? Do you know what it means to spend quality time, not just for a man but for a woman whose love language is primarily quality time?

I mean, you guys spend lots of time together regularly. Why does she not feel loved the way you want her to?

I am here to tell you that while spending time together is a good thing, there is a difference between quantity time and quality time. What your woman is most likely looking for is meaningful time together. That will make her feel loved.

I am sure that, maybe, you are freaking out right now because you just don’t have any ideas of how you can make this ‘quality time’ happen.

Well, I do! Let me share a few things you can do for a woman whose love language is quality time so that you can get out there immediately and make her feel loved.

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20 meaningful things to do when quality time is the love language of a woman

1. Pull out the old photo albums.

There is nothing that a woman likes more than strolling down memory lane. Doing it with her man will make it even more special

2. Take her to the place you first met.

Does your wife like to tell the story of how you met? I know I do. Take her back to that place to remind her how you, as a couple, began.

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3. Book a couple’s massage.

I am not sure there is anything better than a massage. A massage with your man would make it even better. The fact that you might have a little nudity might be fun too!

4. See a rom-com.

This might seem like a fate worse than death, but she will love the movie and your sacrifice to go to it with her.

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5. Do something new together.

Doing the same old thing over and over can get stale. Spend time experiencing something new together.

6. Always be on time.

If you are on time, you respect your woman’s time. And she will view that as quality time!

7. Take the kids if you have some.

Women who want quality time don’t always want to share it with their men. Sometimes space is just what she needs to feel loved.

8. Share a hobby.

I am sure you both have your hobbies but is there something that you can do together?  Learning together can be very bonding!

9. Notice her.

This is a big one. When your woman walks into the room, say hi. When she gets dressed up, tell her she looks nice. If she looks sad, tell her you are there for her. Make sure she knows that you see her 100%.

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10. Have coffee together in the morning.

There is nothing like sharing a cup of coffee before the day’s chaos begins to make your woman feel loved.

11. Go to bed together.

Nothing is like climbing into bed together at the end of the day’s chaos to make your woman feel loved.

12. Make sure you use eye contact.

I am sure that, when you are at work, interacting with co-workers, eye contact is key to connection and communication. So it is with your woman. So gaze into those baby blues and make your woman feel loved.

13. Don’t change or cancel plans.

Again, not changing or canceling plans will prove to your woman that you value her time above all else. That is the definition of quality time.

14. Get off your phone.

Is your wife sitting beside you as you scroll through your phone? Finish this article, put your phone down, take her hand, and tell her you to love her.

15. Be present.

Of course, we can’t always be 100% present when we are together but make an effort to, when you are spending time together, be there with her, not letting your mind wander to work or to football.

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16. Run errands together.

I know this seems mundane, but sometimes it’s nice to spend time together, doing things you both need to do. Get a cup of coffee and a donut along the way.

17. Take a nap together.

Yes, you will be asleep during this quality time, but cuddling in bed beforehand will make your woman feel loved in a big way.

18. Binge-watch a TV show.

There is so much quality TV these days, and finding something you can watch together can be an incredibly bonding experience. What you shouldn’t do is watch an episode without her. Not ever!

19. Make date night interesting.

Are your dinner dates usually comprised of dinner and a movie? Why don’t you try something different? Go bowling, roller skating, to a museum, or for a ride on a boat. Something different will make this date stand out from the others.

20. Meet each other for lunch.

Our days are long, and we often don’t have time to connect with our partners. Take an hour once a week to pause in the middle of the day and enjoy each other’s company. This is especially good if you have kids – you won’t be interrupted once!

Before reading this article, were you really overwhelmed about making your woman feel loved because you didn’t understand what quality time really means? Do you have a clearer idea of what you can do to make your woman feel loved the way you want her to?

Now, you can do one of two things: take this list to your woman and see what she wants to do, or take the initiative to make one happen. Whichever one you think your woman would like best.

Either way, you will be glad you did!

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Mitzi Bockmann is a certified life and relationship coach. She has over ten years of experience helping people find happiness in life and love.