10 Things Men Worth Your Time Will Never, Ever Do

A man worth giving a shit about won't do these 10 things, ever.

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Lord knows that there are a lot of single men out there, and the vast majority of them don’t seem to be worth anyone’s time.

If a guy is worth dating, he’ll show it to you via his actions and his words. He’ll wine, dine, and romance you. He’ll move for a commitment.

But make no mistake about it, he’ll never do certain things.

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These are 10 things men worth your time will never, ever do:

1. He won’t hit you, call you names, or be emotionally abusive

A man who does this isn’t a man. He’s a weak coward who feels like he needs to bully someone in order to feel big. Any man who abuses is a man who deserves to die alone, old, and miserable.


2. He won’t “sex zone” you

When a guy “sex zones” a girl, he’s basically saying that the only reason he’ll be nice to you is if you’re having sex with him. A man who does this, whether he realizes it or not, is subtly saying that he doesn’t respect you as a person. If he can’t give a sh*t about your needs or feelings without sex being part of the deal, he doesn’t give a sh*t about you with sex being part of the deal.

3. He won’t be a deadbeat dad

We all know men who have just walked out on their families and baby mamas because they “didn’t feel like being dads.” We all know men who owe thousands in child support and blame women for having kids. If he did this to someone else, he’ll do it to you, too. Ditch him, and tell him he’s a worthless piece of sh*t for me.

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4. He won’t argue with a girl who rejects him or whine about how he’s never “chosen”

Real men, as in ones that you should want to date, won’t whine about how life isn’t fair. Do you know why? Life isn’t fair to you, either. So, why should you bend over backward to protect his pwecious wittle feelings” when he clearly doesn’t give a sh*t about how you feel on the topic at hand?


5. He won’t disrespect your gender

I’m a firm believer that men who are worth speaking to, associating with, or dating will not say misogynistic things or act like sexist pricks. After all, if they disrespect women, they’re disrespecting their moms, sisters, daughters, and potential spouses, too. That’s not something you should ever tolerate.

6. He won’t creep you out

In my years, I’ve met quite a few guys who gave me a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach just by being near me. None of my interactions with them ever ended well. Listen to your gut and write him off immediately. This is a rule that might save your life.

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7. He won’t flake on plans, ghost you, or stand you up

If a man does any of these three things, he’s shown you that he doesn’t think you’re worth respecting. He’s also shown you that he’s unreliable, selfish, and immature. Do yourself a favor and blacklist him from your phone, Facebook, and email.


8. He won’t be a mooch

A man should have something to offer you and bring to the table. There’s nothing wrong with a guy who wants to split bills 50/50, but when he constantly is expecting you to pay his way, he’s a mooch and a user. Considering that you wouldn’t really get anything out of this relationship aside from sob stories, you might want to stop taking his calls.

9. They won’t tell you that they “don’t want anything serious,” that you should “just see how things play out,” or that they “don’t know what they want”

These kinds of phrases are man code for “I’m a f*ckboy.” They don’t want to be with you. Men who say this will never marry you or commit to you long-term. Do yourself a favor and don’t try to convince him otherwise. He’s already made up his mind, so kick him to the curb.

10. They won’t demand sex from you

Sex is a great part of a relationship, but if he’s demanding sex when you’re not up for it, chances are high that he’s not worth your time. That being said, a man who regularly pressures random women for sex isn’t even worth the time for a hookup.


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Ossiana Tepfenhart is a writer whose work has been featured in Yahoo, BRIDES, Your Daily Dish, Newtheory Magazine, and others.