The Sure-Fire Way To Get Him In The Mood, According To Research

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It might not happen often, but sometimes guys just don't feel up to being intimate. It can be very frustrating if you're the girl in that situation but what can you do about it? Well, science has come up with one solution — and it's pretty controversial.

A 2015 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine states that shocker: adult films are the best way to get him in the mood.

Research says this is the sure-fire way to get him in the mood

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How do women get in the mood? According to the study, the answer is sleeping. Every extra hour that a woman slept increased her chances of being intimate with her partner by 14 percent, which the researchers attributed to an increase in desire. Women who slept longer on average also experienced fewer issues with their body's reaction to intimacy than women who slept less.

This just shows how important sleep is to every aspect of our lives. "I think the take-home message should not be that more sleep is better, but that it is important to allow ourselves to obtain the sleep that our mind and body needs," said Dr. David Kalmbach, the study's lead author.

Now for the men. 

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The study had 280 men answer questions about how many hours a week they watch adult videos and their levels of desire, and their experiences with physical reactions in the bedroom. Half of the subjects were in serious relationships. They then had them all watch straight videos that included intercourse, and then rated their desire. 

The results showed that the videos enticed the men even with ones who typically watch more wild stuff at home! 

The researchers found that men who watched adult videos at home were more excited when they watched "vanilla" videos in the lab, suggesting that watching adult videos may not affect intimacy in a real relationship at all, as is commonly thought. The researchers also found no correlation between watching videos and physical problems during intimacy.

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"Viewing more adult films was associated with a stronger drive, including the desire to be intimate with a partner, so adult films may be able to 'stoke the fire,'" Nicole Prause, an associate research scientist in the Department of Psychiatry in the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience explained to Huffington Post.

"The most common error of thinking with respect to men and adult videos is that all those videos are bad for men all of the time," Prause said. "The truth is probably that some video watching is good for some men in some situations. The challenge is to identify when adult films are most likely to be helpful."

Of course, this is a tricky suggestion since many women feel uncomfortable or threatened by their partners watching these kinds of videos. But for those of you who are into it, more power to you and get thee on the computer stat.

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