How To Speak A Woman's 'Gift Giving' Love Language

20 thoughtful gifts that will mean the world to a woman whose love language is giving and receiving gifts.

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When you learned that your partner’s love language was gift-giving, you likely thought to yourself "That is going to be expensive. And what the heck will I give her anyway?"

Perhaps surprisingly, catering to a woman whose love language is gift-giving is not about spending money on expensive jewelry and roses. It's about the small meaningful things that make her feel loved every day.

What kind of small meaningful things? There are hundreds but today I will share ideas for you to keep in your arsenal to share with her when you want to let her know you love her.


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Here are 20 thoughtful gifts to give a woman whose love language is gift-giving

1. A rock or a shell from a beach walk

After a walk together on the beach or in the woods, pick up a small rock, shell or leaf to remind her of your day together.


2. Their favorite flowers

Peonies are my favorite flowers. Any man who gives me those will have my heart forever! What about your girl?

3. A cheesy Hallmark card

The gift of a card declaring your love will always be appreciated but bringing one home that will also make her laugh is a fun twist!

4. Bring them home a treat

Do you know what is your lady’s favorite treat? Stop on the way home from work and get them one. Think bakery or soap store or coffee shop.

5. Leave a note under her pillow

Whether it’s just a few words, like “l will miss you today” or “I can’t wait to see you later,” or an original poem, leaving something under the pillow for your girl to find will make her feel loved all day long.


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6. Hide a small surprise in the house

Find something small, wrap it up nicely and hide it somewhere in the house. Sooner or later, she will find it and when she does, what joy you will bring to her day.

7. Show up at work with lunch

For women, the act of gift giving includes giving of time. Show up at work with her favorite food and time to eat it together.

8. Make them cookies or brownies

There is no better way to a woman’s heart than some fresh baked sweets. And the time you take to make them will mean extra brownie points, literally and figuratively!

9. Bring home their favorite thing from the grocery store

Knowing that you were thinking of them as you did the dreaded grocery shopping will make them feel warm all over.


10. Bring them a small souvenir from a trip

It’s always hard when our person leaves us for a few days. Bringing home a small something, even if just from a shop at the airport, will make the heart grow fonder.

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11. Create a Spotify playlist

Back in the day, we made mixed tapes. Now it’s playlists. Make your woman a playlist so that she can listen to it and feel loved.

12. Let them have the last of something

I know that, when there is one thing left on the plate, I tend to tell my boyfriend that he can have it. When he insists that I do it, man, that makes me happy.


13. A handwritten letter

Go old school. Pick up a pen and a piece of paper and start writing. It can be as fancy or as simple as you want it to be but the putting of pen to paper will make it special.

14. A framed photo of you together

I am sure that you and your woman have had a ton of adventures together that have been documented on your phone. Print up one of the pics, frame it and see your woman wilt with love.

15. A coupon book

My kids always used to give these to me on Mother’s Day. A coupon book for kisses or hugs or foot rubs or time off. Make one of these for your love, full of things that you know she will like and appreciate.

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16. Make her breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed, with coffee, is incredibly thoughtful. Just make sure you don’t leave the kitchen a mess.

17. An afternoon of pampering

I know very few women who wouldn’t love an afternoon of someone else taking care of them. Whether it’s a massage or a pedicure or a spa day, give your women the gift of being cared for.

18. Fill up their gas tank

This might be an act of service as well but filling up your woman’s gas tank will let her know that you love her because you took the time and energy to do something that many women don’t like to do.


19. Make them their favorite dinner

This is a big one and something that I would love to happen more at my house! Even if you aren’t a great cook, I am sure that there is something that you could make, something that would take the load off of your lady, even if for just one night.

20. Mail them something small

It is rare that a package arrives in the mail these days that isn’t from Amazon. Take the time to buy your person a small gift, wrap it and send it to them in the mail. Finding that package in the mailbox will let her know you love her every day.

Remember — it doesn’t have to be anything big — although jewelry and fancy trips are always appreciated. A small, meaningful thing that lets her know that you love her and are thinking of her is often just the ticket.

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Mitzi Bockmann is an NYC-based Certified Life Coach and mental health advocate who works exclusively with women to help them be all they want to be in this crazy world in which we live.