7 No-Doubt-About-It Signs You've Found Your 'Ride Or Die' Partner

The only way out of this relationship is IN A COFFIN.

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Is your partner ride or die, or crash and burn? When the going gets tough, you find out who your boo really is. There's nothing worse than thinking you have a rock-solid relationship, only to see your partner bail at the first sign of trouble.

We all want someone who sticks with us through thick and thin. But for some reason, a lot of people don't seem to realize that no relationship is perfect.

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There will be rocky roads in even the best fairytale romance. And that's why having someone to lean on, who will put in the required work in a relationship, is essential.

Here are 7 signs you've found your ride-or-die partner.

1. He doesn't run from problems.

The sign of a true ride or die partner is a willingness to tackle relationship problems head-on. It means they think you're worth a little turbulence in the long run. Someone who avoids conflict too much or runs from problems isn't going to be the kind of person who fights for your relationship.

2. He's good to you even when he's upset.

Anyone can be cool when the going is easy, but it takes a strong person to still be a good partner even when they're hurting.


It's so easy to lash out, say mean things, or not hold up your end of the relationship bargain when you're mad at the other person.

A person who can swallow his pride and still treat you like a queen during the toughest of times is a sign he's thinking about the future, not just about right now.

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3. He's tight with your friends and family.

When your boo isn't only establishing a relationship with you, but also your loved ones, it means he wants to be a part of your life. The fact that he's trying to embed himself in everything connected to you is a sign he doesn't plan on bailing anytime soon.


4. He wants you to be strong parts of each other's lives.

He wants you to be a part of his life as much as he wants to be a part of yours.

You don't get in that deep unless you plan on staying there.

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5. He joins in on your hobbies and includes you in his.

Don't get me wrong: everybody needs alone time. But the couple who plays together, stays together.

Not only are you his girlfriend, you're becoming his best friend, too.

6. He sticks up for you when you're wronged.

Sometimes, the best sign that somebody is going to fight for you, is actually seeing them fight for you.

The ride or die boo won't stand idly by when someone treats you badly in public or makes you have a bad day.


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7. He's there when you need someone to lean on.

The worst thing is needing someone who doesn't want to be there for you. A person willing to lend you their strength is a person who wants to keep you around.

They want to help you because they're looking toward the future.


Someone who's going to bail wouldn't bother helping you out when you need it because they can just move onto the next person who doesn't require as much work.

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