Prepare To Find Your Forever Soulmate By Taking 3 Tiny Steps

How to let love find you.

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So, you're tired of being single, you're done with disappointing relationships and you're discouraged with dating. Don't give up! You really can find your soulmate in just three simple, do-able steps. Okay, these steps are not necessarily the easiest for everyone to follow, but I can guide you through, one step at a time. 

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Prepare to find your soulmate by taking three tiny steps:

1. Love your life

The first step to true love is to learn how to love your life, just the way it is right now. That means you're not just tolerating your current existence until you meet someone new. When you love your life as it is, then you won’t feel desperate to be with someone, and you won't seek a relationship to rescue you. You need to love your life so much that you would only make a change for something even better than your already amazing life. What could be even better? A loving, lasting relationship with a partner who is compatible with you in every way that matters to you — your soulmate! Once you are living a life you love, it's time for the next step.


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2. Identify your soulmate

Yes, you need to identify him before you meet him. Your ideal partner will be compatible with you in all the ways that matter to you (e.g., you both want children, love nature, keep your word, and listen to NPR …). You need to identify those essential deal-breaker requirements and he needs to meet all the "non-negotiables" on your list. Part of identifying your soulmate is becoming crystal clear on how it feels to have the supportive, caring, easy connection you want. No longer will you dread meeting new people as you learn to confidently and comfortably navigate the dating scene, so you can easily recognize the right partner for you. Identifying who you're looking for isn't enough. 


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3. Find him

Where should you go? Will he be online, at a dance, a party, or somewhere else? What do you do to find him? Does it have to be a lot of work or could it happen pretty quickly and easily? The better you've done with steps 1 and 2, the easier step 3 will be. What if you knew that he was looking for you right now? The good news is that he is looking for you so you can make it easy for him to find you. Would you like to feel completely confident and relaxed, knowing that you are on track to attract the right partner for you? I'm committed to helping you live a life you love, gain the clarity and confidence you need, and find the love of your life, and live happily ever after! 

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Dr. Wendy Lyon is a psychologist, master-certified relationship coach, and best-selling author. She has helped hundreds of singles and couples transform their lives and create loving relationships.