There Are 5 Types Of Love, And Only One Is Worth Fighting For

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We have all heard that love is a battlefield. But does that mean that all love is worth fighting for? 

Probably not. All love is not the same. There are a lot of misconceptions about what true love is. But that does not mean that all love is not pure. 

Real, true, pure love is simple. Not always easy, but not something that feels like a constant burden. It is a total dedication to building a partnership and life together. Yin and Yang in perfect harmony. This love does exist and it happens when you find the right person. It takes work but it is all worth it. This is the love that is worth fighting for. 

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There are 5 types of love, and only one is worth fighting for:

1. Tough love

A strict love. A love that holds you down on your seat and demands you to be proper and responsible. A controlling type that decides how you should act and tells you who you should be. Sometimes physical pain is inflicted but one could not leave for believing that this love is what they deserve and this is the love that they need.


Where are you going?
Who are you going out with?
What time are you going to be home?
Why are you like this and that?
When are you going to listen to me?

2. Tainted love

A love that is broken, stained, and damaged. It can be because of distance, timing, or fate that stops this love from working, and no matter how much you try to stay and fight together, there are just things that cannot be fixed. Even if you know in your bones that this is it and it feels like it should last forever, it can’t.


Why can’t we just stay together?
Why are you leaving?
What happened to us?
Can’t we fix this?
Is the timing bad or is it us that is bad for each other?



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3. Forbidden love

A love that cannot and will not ever happen because it is not allowed by the universe and the people around you. A Romeo and Juliet type of drama, a beautifully tragic love affair. A love that you’d die for so you could be together without hesitation and without anyone telling you what to do.


Why do we keep listening to them?
Why can’t we be just two people loving each other?
Can’t we just run away from here?
I’m scared, are you?
How long till we can stop fighting for the love we deserve?

4. Unrequited love

A love that is impossible because the person you love doesn’t love you back the same way. Of course, the kind of story that became a stereotype over time. We cannot choose who we love and they won’t ever choose us. Need I say more? You will always be the best friend or the stranger he/she will never know. Just somebody but never the one.




Am I hard to love?
Why can’t you love me back?
Can’t you see me?
What if I can give you more?
Don’t I deserve the love that I keep on giving to other people?

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5. Real love

A love so real, it scares you. The love you never expect to happen, not in a million years. A not-so-perfect relationship but it accepts it understands, it perseveres and it sacrifices. A type of love that you will never get tired of, a love that will keep you going no matter how hard the situation is. A love we’ve all been dreaming of.



Because unfortunately there aren’t many people who experience this kind of love, and if by chance you are one of them. A piece of advice, do not let it go. Do not question anything else, do not ask for anything more. You already found the treasure we’ve all been seeking for.

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Krizzia Paolyn is a writer, editor, and poet whose work has been featured in Thought Catalog, Entity Mag, and more.

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