10 Non-Romantic Things A Man Does When He Might Actually Be Your Soulmate

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More often than not, people romanticize the word "soulmate." Maybe that’s because rom-coms and romance novels say that a soulmate is the true love of your life. So, you’re romanticizing the process of finding that one person who will make you crazy in love because of that "soul connection."

Ironically, finding your soulmate is actually not about that kind of lovey-dovey feeling you have. Rather, it's about all the little things that are completely unrelated to romance.

Here are 10 non-romantic signs a man might be your soulmate.

1. He's brutally honest.

Your soulmate will be your number one critic. He will be the person who makes you realize that you’ve made a bad decision or you did something that will potentially ruin your life.

But rather than hide the truth from you, he isn’t afraid to be honest, simply because he truly cares and wants you to have all the best. His brutal honesty is refreshing, and is something that can push you in the right direction.



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2. He pushes you to the limit.

A soulmate motivates you to dream and to achieve your goals. He knows your true potential and will help you to reach your highest dreams, no matter how impossible they seem.

When you doubt yourself, he will be the one who restores your faith. He won't always be your shoulder to cry on; he doesn’t save you from drowning, but he teaches you how to swim.

3. He's not your crush.

You don’t feel your heart beat faster or have butterflies in your stomach when you meet him; instead, you feel calm inside. Meeting your soulmate is not the same as meeting your crush, simply because you’re very comfortable when you’re with him.

You know that you can be yourself when he’s around, and he makes you feel good about who you truly are.

4. He doesn't label your relationship.

You don’t know your relationship label with him — and you’re totally okay with that. You enjoy each other’s company and that’s enough.

You and he really understand that a label is not important since both of you are grown-ups. Both of you want to take things slow because it feels like the friendship is too precious to be broken by a label.

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5. He helps you understand your flaws.

Seeing him is like seeing your own reflection. Being with him makes you realize your strengths and weaknesses; he makes you improve your self-awareness. He helps you see that your flaws are a part of you, but that it's not a bad thing.



A soulmate will be the one who makes you realize that you need to be the better version of yourself. But you also know that he accepts you for who you are, and he never asks you to change.

6. He’s busy building his own life.

Your soulmate doesn’t have to be with you 24/7, simply because he has his own personal life. As such, in any relationship, both partners should have their own lives and independence separate from one another.

He inspires you to achieve your goals, and you acknowledge that he has dreams as big as yours. But despite the fact that he’s busy, you always find time to catch up and stay present in each other's lives.

7. He encourages you think deep.

A soulmate is someone who wants to know and understand your thoughts, ideas, fears, and insecurities. He doesn’t want to talk about the weather outside; he wants a true connection with you!

He involves you in deep conversations. He makes you think about your life purpose and adds meaning to your life.

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8. He makes you 'lose' arguments.

He always has reasons behind his opinions, and you realize that you have to lower your ego, simply because his arguments make sense. So, you always ask his opinion before you make important decisions.

He also respects your unique principles and values, and doesn't force you to change your core morals. He knows when to interfere with your life to help you see the bigger picture.



9. He helps you confront your fears.

Your soulmate will be the one who helps you be brave enough to leave your comfort zone. He will make you experience new things and go on endless adventures to broaden your horizons. He will be your partner in crime for exploring the world.

He makes you realize that you don’t belong to just one place and you should live your life to the fullest!

10. You can’t make him stay.

Deep down inside, you know that you can’t make him stay, whether it's by trying to change him or trying to change yourself. You acknowledge that soulmates don't have to be together to really be connected.

It will be great if he stays, but you’re ready if he doesn’t. Having him in your life is a blessing, and he opens you up to truly loving someone.

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