10 No-Doubt Ways To Tell If He's Really Serious About You

For everyone who keeps asking themselves, "Does he like me?"

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One of the seemingly most common trip-ups in dating is that the two people in the so-called relationship have differing opinions about what kind of relationship they're in.

Invariably, someone's feelings get hurt because expectations are different from what is actually being delivered.

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She thinks they're boyfriend and girlfriend, and he thinks they're just "friends," with a really loose definition of what a friend is. This happens a lot.


10 No-Doubt Ways To Tell If He's Really Serious About You

1. He holds your hand in public.

A public display of affection is a sweet way to connect you two. Holding hands is actually more of a commitment than, say, kissing, because a kiss can be driven by other needs. A kiss doesn't "claim" you. 


2. He's usually where he says he's going to be.

This is easy. He's not hiding from you, nor is he hiding anything from you.

3. He introduces you to his friends and family, and they already know about you.

He's not keeping you hidden. Him talking about you is a sign that you matter.

If he's close to his family, this means that he cares so much about you that he wants to include you in that world of his.

4. You have a title.

He refers to you as "my girlfriend" or another term of endearment. If you're just Shirley (or whatever your name is), then who are you? What do you represent? If you don't have a title, your relationship is a different one than you think it is.


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5. He doesn't just come over late and leave early.

Again, another easy one. If his visits are primarily booty calls, that's a problem. 

This just means he's using you for sex and that he has no intention of bringing things to the next level.

6. His Saturday night belongs to you.

Saturday night is date night for people in a relationship. If he's not with you, where is he?

Saturday night might be for the boys, but if he's serious about you, he'll make Saturday nights for you.

7. You have more than just his cell number.

He who has nothing to hide, hides nothing. You should have all his numbers: home, cell, work, and whatever else he has.


8. You spend time at his place, including overnight.

If you're not spending the night there, who is?

9. If he has a landline at home, he answers it when it rings while you're there.

Again, nothing to hide, right? No concerns about another "chick with expectations" calling.

10. He calls you more than he texts.

If this isn't happening, he's just having fun with you.


He doesn't need to be on the phone 24/7, but the extra effort to have a conversation goes a long way.

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