My Horoscope Told Me To Ignore My Love Life — And I Listened

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Aries woman loving herself over a relationship

My most recent horoscope said, "Just go ahead and put romance and passion on hold for a few days (or weeks)." I let out a sarcastic laugh in my head and clicked out of the page. Woohoo! What a fun way to start my day!

I'm a bonafide Aries. I'm impulsive, impatient, and independent (and probably self-involved since all my personality traits begin with "I").

Even so, I don't look at my horoscope religiously, or even agree with it all the time, but when I came across this horoscope, I believed it.

What could be better than being single and taking a break from dating?

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I'm pretty all-or-nothing and I found myself in a lot of gray areas. Going on second and third dates with people I wasn't interested in, thinking about exes, and dwelling on something that would never work out — I was ready for a change.

My horoscope was politely saying romance isn't in the cards right now. And you know what? I agreed.



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Even though I generally enjoy being single, there's plenty of stress and overthinking that comes along with it that I was ready to ditch for a few weeks. First dates, decoding texts, dating app fatigue, wondering if you're leading someone on, wondering if you're being led on, exes, creeps, obsessing, thinking about what the heck you're looking for (or if you're even looking), the list goes on.

So, I just stopped. All of it.

It wasn't with hostility or an "I GIVE UP!" attitude, it was more of a shift of energy and change in what I think about when I'm in the shower or walking to work. Just like how Arizona and Hawaii don't recognize Daylight Savings Time, I just stopped recognizing my love life. I basically hid romance from my life and news feed, and sort of forgot about it.

My horoscope recommended I focus on my career, home, and family, so I did.

I went to coffee shops and worked on the weekends. I checked up on friends from out of town. I took my grandma out to dinner. I did favors for others. I watched Dexter. I discovered new music. I meditated before bed. I let things go. I felt happy, free, and most importantly, single.

Maybe I'll start to ease my love life back into my life when the time is right (Horoscope, can you confirm?!). But it's been a refreshing break to make some changes and reevaluate things. And isn't that what being single is all about, anyway?

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