This Man's Note About His Late Wife Made The Whole Restaurant Cry

Love is real, it turns out.

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One of the bravest things people can do is choose to love each other. It's something that's so rare, but once found, it is sure to last a lifetime. Maybe that's why so many people escape into books and movies to feel the kind of love portrayed in them because it can seem to be something found so rarely in the real world.

But true love stories do exist in the real world, and they are just as heartbreaking and lovely as the ones we watch on the big screen.


This man's note about his late wife made the whole restaurant cry.

When a man walked into an eatery, unassumingly, and ordered a soda, the waitstaff at the restaurant couldn't help but notice that he was looking rather solemn.

And then they read the touching napkin note he left behind that reaffirms our belief that love stories never end — even after death.

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This is what one Reddit user experienced first-hand working at the restaurant.


It was this woman who said it had been left at her workplace by a man who was sitting on his own.

The restaurant workers had noticed he was ‘looking sad’ but only found out why after he had left.

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A post shared by Access Care (@access_care) on Feb 10, 2020 at 12:17am PST

"A guy came into my restaurant alone and sat at a table and only ordered a coke.


He looked sad so we thought something weird was going on. However, after he left, we found this note on a napkin with about $3 in change on the table.

We all teared up after we read this."

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One Man's Napkin Note About His Late Wife

Photo: Reddit


The picture reads, "My apologies, this is all I have. This was my wife's favorite place to eat, we would come here every year for our anniversary. Thought I'd keep the tradition going even now since she passed. Have a good night and thank you to [...] for always keeping a smile on her face every year."

Can you imagine working a long and stressful shift just to get a note like that and leave with tears in your eyes and the hope that maybe love is real after all?

What a beautiful thing, to be able to find love in so many places, even after the person is long gone.


We can all only hope to find a love as enduring as theirs was.



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