Elderly Man's Sweet Gesture To His Wife While They Walk Down A Busy Street Is Melting People's Hearts

Never settle for less, ladies! This simple gesture has viewers believing this elderly couple has found true, lasting love.

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There are certain gestures that men could do for their partners that will ensure they feel taken care of. Whether it’s holding the door open for them or guiding them through a crowded bar, showing your romantic partner that you care about them is sure to make them swoon. 

One elderly man’s actions toward his wife on a busy street has captured the attention of millions of people on the Internet, with many praising him as the “best husband.” 


The man took his wife’s hand and guided her to the sidewalk on a busy street. 

The heartwarming moment was captured by Jenifar Rahman on Instagram in a town in India and has received nearly 2 million likes and over 3,000 comments. The short video clip depicts an elderly husband and wife walking hand in hand on a street alongside a string of small shops. The man is standing closer to the shops, with his wife beside him closer to the street. 

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As a motorcyclist passes the couple, the man takes his wife’s hand and lower arm and guides her to the other side of him so that she is now the one closer to the shops and further from the lively street. Rahman declares the video clip as the “best thing” she has captured all day. “The way he pulled her to the safe side," she captioned her post. 


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Other Instagram users clearly felt the same way as Rahman, and praised the man for his chivalrous actions and sweet gesture. 

“What a sweet and protective gesture!” one user commented. “The best thing is he never even let go of her hand,” another user pointed out. 

“Now this is an example of a dedicated and loving relationship,” another added. 

“His wife has no reaction, which means she's so used to it!” another user pointed out. “What an adorable couple!” 

Many users dubbed the man’s gesture as the “unspoken sidewalk rule,” and believed it established a level of trust and respect between couples. Others claimed to live in the same town as the couple and raved about the man’s behavior. 


“I always see them. They live near our office. He cares so much, he always takes her for an evening walk, for shopping, he buys fruit chocolates for her,” one user shared. “This is love actually.” 

“He does this every single time that we meet and it always leaves a smile on my face,” another user revealed. 

We wish this adorable couple many more years of evening walks, chocolates, hand-holding and protection, and love for one another. 


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