Making This Expression In Your Profile Pic Will Get You More Dates, Study Says

Who knew!?

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Laughter truly is the best medicine. Not only can laughing bring your mood up in the darkest of days, but it makes you infinitely more attractive, friendly, and approachable. 

So it's no surprise that when SKOUT, a global app that helps you meet new people and expand your social circle, examined a sample of its users' profile photos, they found that people whose photos show them laughing (not just smiling!) are favorited 404 percent more often and make 324 percent more connections!


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Making more connections means developing more new friendships, so you don't have to stick with a simple smiling photo. Instead, allow yourself (or another friend) to capture the pure joy of the moment.

PhotoFeeler, who are profile photo testers, found a similar impact after surveying more than 800 photos. They found that a smile, especially one that makes it look like you're laughing, instantly makes you seen as being more likable, influential, and competent. 

SKOUT also surveyed around 3,372 U.S. users on various topics such as humor and friendship.


Here are five things they found:

1. Funny people know that they are funny.

Seventy-five percent of the people surveyed believed that they are funny, and 81 percent who have a witty sense of humor are more likely to think that they are funny. 

2. Laughing is more fun with friends.

A good 94 percent of people admitted to finding enjoyment in making others laugh, and those who enjoy slapstick humor are also more likely to enjoy making other people laugh. So obviously, a squad who laughs together stays together!

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3. People with "bathroom humor" have more friends.

Who knew this kind of humor made an impact beyond age 8?


Everyone has that one comedian friend, and researchers found that practical jokers tend to have more friends, and people with "bathroom humor" tend to have five or more close friends. Meanwhile, the sarcastic or self-deprecating humorists don't have too many. 

4. Women prefer comedy films over romance.

There's a big stereotype that women prefer to watch a movie in the romance genre, but that's actually so far from being true. Twenty-six percent of women would pick a comedy movie compared to the 18 percent who prefer a romance.

Twenty-one percent of men would pick comedy while the rest prefer action and adventure films.

5. Houston, Texas is the best place to find a good laugh.

One hundred percent of Houstonians enjoy making other people laugh. Los Angeles and Atlanta are a close second at 98 percent each. Although 83 percent of New Yorkers and San Franciscans say that they're funny, we're not actually sure if they are.


And who knows? Maybe this new friendship can lead to something more?

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