6 Little Things That Immediately Impress A Woman

Show her you are the catch of a lifetime from the first date.

Last updated on Jan 05, 2024

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If you're a catch who knows how to act on a first date, you are also selective about who you will date. You want to date someone who is also a catch so they get a lot of attention. They are the singles who get 100 emails in their first hour on dating sites, so you have lots of competition for their attention.

However, most of your competitors are messing up big time.

She is likely to be creeped out by online dating, disgusted by catcalls, and mortified by the lazy dating behavior she sees around her. She might fantasize about her perfect person coming to whisk her away, though she knows human perfection is a myth.


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Here are 6 little things that immediately impress a woman on a first date: 

1. Don't be late.

This person you're meeting is adorable, sought after, in demand, and she's giving you a shot. Don't show up late. Be the one who gets there a few minutes early to score the perfect table.

When she arrives, she will see you calm and relaxed, so she will be relieved and impressed.

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2. Dress to the nines.

Don't be the guy who shows up in tired old sneakers, a ratty t-shirt, and a stained baseball cap. Consider the package you will present yourself in and wear the clothes that make you look your best. And it doesn't hurt to be at your freshest, so don't skip the shower on date night.

3. Stay focused on the date.

Ignore your phone when it buzzes during the date. If you check your phone (or check out other people in the room), I can guarantee you will not get a second date.

Give your date the gift of your undivided attention. Few things will win her over more.


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4. Don't be cheap.

First dates don't have to be over dinner at a Michelin-star restaurant. Yet, creativity does count, as does strength and generosity. Pick a spot that's affordable for you and is someplace pretty or alluring for her.

A date for coffee or drinks? Not a problem, but find an appetizer to share — don't let her leave hungry. Always graciously pick up the tab for the first date unless you have previously agreed otherwise.

If you want to be her prince? Make sure she gets to her car safely or pay for both valet parking tickets.



5. Take things slow.

This woman you're hot for? She wants and needs to be respected and cherished, and her alarm buttons will sound loud whenever she senses the guy she's with wants her body more than her soul.


Affection is OK if the date goes well and she leans in. You could place your hand on her back as you leave the table or touch her arm.

Pay attention and see if she's receptive to your affection. Don't dive in for a slobbery kiss, and don't be touchy-feely. Show her the respect a human being deserves.

6. Act like you care.

You know the typical single guys. Maybe he's spoiled, entitled, damaged goods, an emotional wreck, a narcissist, or just received bad dating advice all his life. These guys text a girl at 10 PM to ask if she wants to "hang out," or they are so self-absorbed they wait three days before sending a lazy "What's up?" text.


If you like her, call her the next day, let her know you had a great time, and ask her out again. Women love a man with a plan, so offer a couple of fun ideas for an activity date you know she'll enjoy. You could recommend attending an art fair, a food festival, a concert, or that cool new restaurant you've wanted to check out.

It would help if you work to make a good impression on someone you like. If you know you are a catch, then present yourself that way.

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