5 Insanely Obvious Ways To Get A Guy To Like You

Trigger desire and make them crave you.

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There’s someone you like, and you are falling in love with them pretty fast. You are eager to know if they feel the same way about you so you can start dating and live happily ever after.

You hope they feel the same way about you.

You can’t control how someone else feels, but there are things you can do to activate their attraction to you.

Being physically attractive is not the only grounds for attraction. There are effective techniques to trigger desire and make them crave you.


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Here are 5 insanely obvious ways to get a guy to like you:

1. Compliment them

Giving compliments helps boost the confidence of a person. Receiving compliments can make a person feel valued. It creates a positive relationship.

Men like to hear compliments. One compliment you can give is that you believe in and support them.

Most people are goal-driven, so hearing those words from you would make them melt because they feel that their efforts are being noticed and appreciated. They will also feel they have someone like you who will help them and cheer them on toward achieving their goal.




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2. Make them feel wanted and needed

Being in love with them may make you need. But I’m not saying you should be needy. Being needy sounds like you’re too desperate to get their attention.

People like to feel they are superheroes like they can fix everything and protect anyone, especially those important to them.


When a person feels needed, you also make them feel connected. You give them a sense of purpose, and they will feel good about themselves.

Make them feel needed by asking for help with something you know they can do confidently, and don't reject the help they offer you.

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3. Laugh at their jokes

Laughter paves the way for romance. We all like a good sense of humor and someone who laughs at our jokes.

An explanation for this is being able to pull off a funny joke is related to having a healthy brain or being smart.

When you laugh at their jokes, they feel good about themselves. They will see you as a fun person, and because of that, they will want to be around you more.


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4. Make them miss you

Although you love spending your time with them, you should have some time apart to make them miss you.

There are many ways to make someone miss you. When we are interested in someone, we respond to their messages quickly. Stop. If you always reply to their messages or immediately answer every call, you show them you are always available.


Most people love a good challenge. Being naturally competitive, we will do what we can to win the hearts of the ones we love.

It's like winning something you have worked hard to obtain. It is an ego boost.

5. Have patience

Rushing love or trying to lock things down and start a relationship can lead to a disaster. You can’t make someone fall in love with you instantly. Sometimes, it does not happen at all.


Your patience will save you from disappointment. You will also provide them time to process what they feel about you and if they are ready to enter a relationship.

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