7 Ways To Meet People (And Find Love!) At A Music Festival

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Music festival season is here, with events like Coachella Valley Music and Arts, Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, and Lollapalooza coming back for the first time in years.

Being able to meet people and find love is not unheard of while attending music festivals, nor is it impossible. Perhaps you're going alone, but you don't want to spend the entire festival by yourself, it can be intimidating trying to go up to strangers and strike up conversations.

However, a music festival is probably the best place to meet new people, considering you and everyone around you already have at least one thing in common: you love music, dancing, and being surrounded by thousands of people.

It's nearly impossible to be in a bad mood at a music festival, so that means it's already ten times easier to approach people without worrying about them being sour or rude towards you. It's a low anxiety place, and you'll be guaranteed to find success in making just a few companions, or potentially finding a love match.

Here are 7 ways to meet people (and find love!) at a music festival.

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1. Join and participate in social media groups for your particular festival.

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If you're attending a festival by yourself, or even with friends, it doesn't hurt to join a specific Reddit forum, subreddit, or Facebook page for your upcoming music festival. 

Some of these pages are even designed specifically for single people, so all you have to do is make a post introducing yourself and interact with other people. It's also less anxiety-ridden if you don't always like making the first move face-to-face.

You can set up a time and certain spot to meet once you are all at the festival, and by the time the dates for the event roll around, you sort of already have a group of new people to meet lined up. It also helps if you find people in these groups that are trying to see the same artists you are as well, therefore you have someone to jam out with while you're in the crowd!

2. Make a totem to encourage people to come up and talk to you.

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If you're more of a creative person, you can even make certain totem items, including shirts or signs that say "free hugs," or "come dance with us."

It can easily encourage people to come up and talk to you, and also doesn't require you to have to make the first move, in case things like that are intimidating. It can also be fun for other people who attend music festivals alone and want someone to hang out with while they're there.

It's a great way to meet people, strike up conversations, and possibly gain a new friend in the process or even a potential significant other. 

3. Make jewelry, kandi, art or other accessories to give away to fellow festival-goers.

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People love free things, especially if they're handmade. If you make jewelry, shirts, or another kind of accessory, try taking them with you to a music festival and giving them away to people you see.

It's a great way to spark up conversations, and have people show interest in your work. You can even post in the music festival groups that you join on either Facebook or Reddit that you will be giving away, or possibly selling, your own merchandise, adding a spot and time for people to come and see if they'd like anything.

You can also connect with other people who are giving away fun trinkets — if you get creative you can work together to combine items as a way to appeal to more people, and therefore have a better chance of engaging and hanging out with other festivalgoers.

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4. Join a festival dating app.

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Possibly the best way to try and find love at a music festival is by joining a dating app specifically made for people attending your prospective festival. 

There are dating apps, like Tinder, that have a feature called "Festival Mode," which is designed to connect singles at music festivals. Even if you aren't looking for a potential significant other, it can also be a good way to just meet people in a friendly manner as well.

According to Tech Crunch, These badges make it easier to spot, when swiping, those people who are planning to attend the same music festival as you.

It's available for festivals like Governors Ball in New York City, Bonnaroo in Tennessee, EDC Orlando, along with many more. 

Just be aware that many festivals have little-to-no signal within the festival grounds because there's just too many people using their phones at once, so make sure to decide on a meet-up spot ahead of time so you can connect without spending all your time searching for a phone signal.

5. Use music as a conversation starter.

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If you're attending a music festival, chances are that most people around you are always down to talk music, so don't be afraid to turn to someone in the crowd and start chatting with them about their favorite artist.

Especially if you're waiting for an act to start, it can be boring just milling around. So, to make the time go faster, even if you're alone, just start talking to the person next to you, behind you, or in front of you. 

If you connect with a certain artist, it's fairly likely that someone in the crowd of your favorite artist's set will also connect with them in the same way. It's a great opportunity to talk to people who share similar tastes in music as you do.

6. Compliment people on their awesome festival outfits.

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Usually at festivals, most people can be seen wearing some cool and funky clothing. It doesn't hurt to go up to people and compliment them on their outfits and strike up conversations about where they shop.

It can also be helpful to try and put together your own outfit that shows off your personality — you never know, maybe someone will spot you in the crowd and come up to you to start a conversation about your own clothes.

A conversation about clothes can easily spin into a conversation about other things, and before you know it, you've made a friend to hang out with at the festival and hopefully even after it's over.

7. Don't be afraid to attend the music festival alone.

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It can be extremely daunting doing anything by yourself, especially when it comes to attending music festivals. However, it's important to note that you definitely will not be the only person there alone, and it can also give you a chance to meet new people and step out of your comfort zone.

Enjoy the music, dance with random people in the crowd, and open yourself up to the possibility of making new, and hopefully genuine, connections.

Strike up conversations with people while waiting in the line for the bathrooms, or while waiting in line to get food. Tap a random person's shoulder while you're waiting in the crowd to see an artist's set. Don't be afraid to ask people if you can join their group, because more often than not, they'll probably agree and you'll end up having a blast!

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