10 Reasons You Should Marry A Girl Who Attends Music Festivals

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Reasons Should Be Dating GirlS Who Go To Music Festivals

We're basically the most fun you'll ever have.

Summer music festivals are releasing their lineups and people across the country are planning their weekends of dirty, fun adventures. EDM or country, East coast or West coast, a few days or a week-long extravaganza — it doesn't matter.

Girls who attend any music festival share similar traits that make them ideal girlfriends. Here's why you should be dating one.


1. We have endurance.

Music festivals are a 12+ hours per day, multiple day events where you're standing or dancing for the majority of the time. Not everyone can keep up. Girls who can make it through four days going on little sleep and minimal food with a smile on their faces are worth keeping around.


2. We are passionate.

At the core, it's about seeing your favorite bands. Girls who attend music festivals will stand for hours in a packed crowd to be close to the stage or sing every word as if we are on stage ourselves. We have our priorities and will do anything to achieve our goals.

3. We are low-maintenance.

Camping for days, minimal showers, and no makeup — that's just the price we pay for the most amazing weekend of music, and it's well worth it. Do you really want a girl who is going to freak out every time she sees a bug, complain it's too hot outside, or need hours to get ready?


4. We are outgoing.

No one goes to a music festival with the intentions of staying with the two friends they came with at the back of the lawn. We're ready to make new friends and new memories. There's a chance to meet a band? We'll try it. Getting pulled on stage during a show? We love it. Getting to know the neighbors? We've already shared a beer with them.

This translates in the real world to not having to worry about introducing her to your friends and family, and knowing she can meet new people in any situation.

5. We are confident.

We don't need makeup, nice clothes, or our hair done. We put our hair up, throw on a bikini top and shorts, and we're ready to go. We don't care about how we look or how silly we look when we're dancing. We're here to have a good time. Join us.


6. We have good taste in music.

OK, so maybe her taste doesn't exactly match yours, but at least she is aware of bands that don't play on a Top 40 station. Unless she's just there hoping to get her picture taken for a fashion blog. In which case, this article doesn't apply to her and you should run the opposite direction.

7. We are always prepared.

We are ready with a backpack full of anything you could possible need throughout the day: sunscreen, rain poncho, blanket to sit on, water, snacks, you name it. And yes, we'll hold your keys.


8. We are very flexible.

We might have really wanted to see a band, but if everyone's having a good time at the silent disco, we're cool with staying or even going to the show alone. When a band cancels last minute, we're ready to check out the water slide. We know that you can't possible do everything at a music festival and we're happy to make adjustments.

9. We are planners.


This might seem to contradict #8, but someone has to be a planner in the group, and it's often the girls. We look up directions, figure out where the bathrooms and showers are, and pack the camping gear. Just when you think you forgot the baby wipes, we've got your back. You're welcome.

10. We are the most fun you'll ever have.

Whether we're drinking at 4 AM, seeing a band we've never heard of before or are front row at the headliner, we're a good time. To keep your life exciting, dating a girl who goes to music fests does just that. You won't be sorry.

This article was originally published at College Candy. Reprinted with permission from the author.