How To Pick Someone Up At A Summer Music Festival

music festival

Looking for a summer fling? Here are 6 ways to get your flirt on at your next music fest.

No matter what your favorite music genre is, there is a music festival out there every summer for you. Once SXSW rolls around in March, with Coachella not far behind it in April, music festival season becomes epically alive once June is in full swing, and it stays that way until Labor Day.

While the official era of peace and love may have changed a bit since Woodstock, the most famous festival of all time, that doesn't mean there's zero hope in trying to find someone with whom to have some fun while you're off doing your festival thing. Besides, the summer was made for flings, and Grease will attest to that. And you never know, your Firefly or Lollapoolza crush could lead to something more — again, just like Grease.

Rock A Headband

Why? Because it's standard attire at festivals, and also likely to lead to a conversation starter as every dude you come across asks, "WHY DOES EVERY WOMAN WHERE A HEADBAND AT THESE THINGS?" If you can solve this mystery, you can let us know after your love connection.

Be Generous

What are you holding? Some smuggled-in top shelf homemade margaritas disguised as Gatorade? Offering a cute guy something you have that he doesn't, that's also going to get everyone feeling even more awesome than they already do, is success times a hundred. No one turns down homemade margaritas when they've been dancing in the sun for hours.

Direction To The Awesome Food Stand

You may have drinks to share, but what happens when you realize you're hungry? At every festival there's that one particular food stand or truck that is the best of the best, at least according to your fellow revelers. And yes, you may be able to see where that truck is thanks to the line, but it still plays in your favor to approach a hot guy with the fish tacos and say, "That looks amazing! Where did you get them? I might get lost — walk me there?"

Show & Tell

Not to stereotype, but of all the festivals I've gone to — and there have been many — the majority of the concert-goers had at least one tattoo. However, of the tattoos you CAN see, do you ever think about how many you CAN'T see? A little playful, "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours" is a half notch away from first base.

Ask About Your Grass Stain

One of the easiest maneuvers to pull off at a festival in the world is the, "Do I have ______ on my butt?". You both play upon a guy's needs to be visually seduced, and you will have already opened up a conversation. From grass stains to dirt to your BFF's punch because she can’t handle her liquor, you could really, possibly, almost definitely have lots of things on your butt. Keep Reading ...

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