What It Means To Love A Strong & Powerful Woman

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Relationship Advice For Men Who Are In Love With Strong, Independent Women

By Nicole Garbanzos

A strong and powerful woman loves hard and she loves fiercely. 

She’ll love you in a way where inspiration grows through your veins. 

This woman will push you and motivate you to become the best person you could possibly be.

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It won’t always be pretty or feel comfortable, but she will always mean well.

To love this woman is to understand her independence, her drive, and her determination to live an incredible life.

This woman will never be submissive, knowing who she ends up with will be her equal, not a missing piece.

Her love will change you, inspire you, and motivate you to be better than you’ve ever been.

This is what it’s like when a powerful and strong woman loves you.

She is birthed from pain and heartache.

She holds her head high, as she is an absolute queen.

A queen who turns her wounds into wisdom and her pain into power.

She overcame years of disappointment and heartbreak and survived every trial and tribulation.

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Moreover, she has learned exactly what it takes to become an outstanding person.

The day she met you, she was as hesitant as she’s ever been, as she’s truly someone who wears her heart on her sleeve.

She has had to overcome everything that meant to weigh her down.

She’s had to face her struggles, her insecurities, and inevitably, a society whose opinions silenced her own. 

She’s been led on, let down, and has felt very unloved in the past.

But, her life changed for the better the day she met you.

She didn’t want to let her guard down just yet, but she knew you were different.

The first few months felt like deja vu when the connection was new and easy.

Although there was still that underlying hesitation, not after long did her fears subside.

Each moment that you proved wonderful, patient, and understanding, the fear faded even more.

Every time you asked her if she was alright, was when you’d calm her fears down, and the moments when you’d tell her to be upfront, regardless if the truth hurts, was when she was sure everything was going to be fine.

The core principle of loving a strong, powerful woman is patience and respect.

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Loving a powerful woman means being okay when she needs space.

It means supporting her when she takes the lead on something and crushes it.

Or loving it when she gives you advice based on her own expertise.

She may be strong, smart, and independent.

But at the end of the day, she’s just like everybody else who wants to feel love. 

Don’t forget that you are her added source of strength, her source of sunlight on a rainy day, and her extra ounce of motivation on the days she thinks she can’t take it anymore.

Remember the woman beside you is a force to be reckoned with.

She will never need you, but will always want you.

Everything she is and everything she has earned, is from surviving the times in her life when everything was falling apart.

It takes a strong man to love this woman unconditionally, because she will make you invincible.

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