To Find Love, You Must Truly Believe These 16 Things About Yourself

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I've worked with a lot of women in their dating journey. I get emails and messages every day from women who are trying to figure out what they could be doing differently to meet their Mr. Right. There are two repeating trends throughout these emails that bother me. 

The first is that women tend to list off for me all the things that they find wrong in themselves as if this is an explanation for why they have not found someone yet. They'll tell me they aren't that pretty, they have ugly smiles or they're overweight This bothers me because I have no doubt all these women are amazingly beautiful, but they are too busy comparing themselves to models, actresses, and singers, who are professionals and airbrushed to look the way they do.

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The second thing that bothers me is when women overanalyze everything a guy says or does and then they convince themselves the guy isn't really that interested. Here, women are walking away from guys that may be perfect for them because he waited 72 hours to call instead of 48, or he texted twice instead of calling.

Based on my years of talking to women, I've put together a list of 16 things I truly want all single women to know and believe.

To find love, you must believe these 16 things about yourself:

1. Teach people how to treat you

You will attract what you put out in the world.

2. Confidence is always attractive

It's the best thing you can wear.

3. Don't assume you know what men are attracted to

Each man is different.

4. Smiling makes you look happy and beautiful

It can brighten someone's day.

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5. Men are just as afraid of rejection as you are

This will help you take that one man off a pedestal you put him on.

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6. You don’t need to wear revealing clothes to be compelling

The way you act is more alluring than anything you can wear.

7. Being coy is extremely hot

Be mysterious.

8. You should not play hard to get

You're too old to be playing games.

9. Sometimes good friends give bad advice

Even though they mean well.

10. You have awesome talents that make you uniquely you

Never forget them.

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11. Believe you are beautiful

Never let a man make you think otherwise.

12. Texting does not mean he doesn't care enough to call

He cares enough to reach out.



13. If he approaches you in public it is because he is attracted to you

Don't embarrass him for it.

14. Don't overanalyze what a guy says to you

There are plenty of men out there.

15. Don't blame your new date for things your ex did

You have to heal old wounds before you date again.

16. Once again, you are beautiful

Never forget it.

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Devon Brown Is a dating and relationship coach who has been featured in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, World Internet Summit, Mastermind, and more.