23 Fun And Unique Double Date Ideas

Skip the usual dinner date and try these fun ideas fit for a foursome.

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Sure, you look forward to date night with your significant other, but when you're looking for new ideas for things to do as a couple, why not tag along with yet another couple and double your fun?

Double dates mean double the excitement, fun, and romance.

(As long as it's not another dinner party. That's so ... well ... blah.)

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23 fun, unique double date ideas to try

1. Treasure hunt at a flea market.

Especially in the summer when the weather is warm, flea markets are a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. Split $50 evenly between the four of you. The challenge? Scavenge through boxes and bags for hidden vintage treasures. See which couple can come up with the kookiest, wackiest find.

2. Tag team on game night.

Game night was made for double-dating couples! Invite another couple over for a laid-back hang out of playing board games, charades, or, if you're feeling a little risque, strip poker. To break the ice, start out with a game of '20 Questions' — whether you've been together for twenty years or two months, there's always something new to learn about each other. Tag team with your S.O. on a multi-player video game like Wii Olympics or Super Mario Brothers.


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3. Go miniature golfing.

Even if you aren't pros, you can still tee off at the golf course (the mini golf course, that is). Sure, it's a tad cheesy (anyone having high school flashbacks?), but that's the fun of it! To make it feel more grown-up, make the losing couple buy a round of drinks.

4. Drive around in a quadricycle.

Single bikes? Boring. Tandem bikes for two? Well, it's not enough for four! Instead, zip around town in a quadricycle — a four-wheeled bicycle for two or more people (in other words, it's perfect for two couples). You can work together, taking turns as a couple at the helm of the bike, or have the guys in the driver seats, pedaling away, while you ladies recline and relax in the back.

5. Go wine tasting.

Wine tastings can be a little out of your date night price range, especially if you're a cash-strapped couple ... that is unless you can find a way to split the costs. Have each person bring a bottle of vino for a swanky home soiree.


6. Hit the road for a weekend getaway.

What could be more romantic than a well-deserved vacation for two? Try adding another couple to your travels! One couple can navigate map-in-hand while the other couple can drive. You're less likely to suffer those awkward silences in the car and you'll feel safer traveling in a group. And if anything, it's nice to have a friend who's willing to take your photo instead of having to flag down other tourists or taking an awkward couple selfie on your own.

7. Race down the river.

If you and your couple friends are adrenaline junkies, there's nothing like paddling through white water rapids downstream. Rafting is fun, but it takes coordination and teamwork — making it perfect for adventurous double-dating couples. If you're pros, go head-to-head with another other in a race of couple versus couple.

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8. Grab a Groupon.

If all else fails and you're fresh out of date night ideas, scour through social discounts on sites like Groupon. Pick something none of you are familiar with whether it be salsa dancing or an Italian cooking class. That way, you can all laugh your way through it and have plenty to talk about on your next double date together.


9. Try an escape room.

Test your communication skills by making your way through an escape room. First couple to make it out earns bragging rights!

10. Book a guided painting session.

Grab your berets, a bottle of wine, and a Charcuterie board, and book a guided painting session. Enjoy a night of art and laughter! Get a kick out of seeing how everyone's art turns out compared to the original painting.

11. Go bowling.

The competitive nature of bowling is always a fun date. Of course, the more the merrier. Strap up those ridiculous shoes and aim for a strike! Team up with your lover or switch it up and play against them. Either way, this is a timeless date that all will enjoy, no matter their skill level.

12. Plan a scavenger hunt.

Scavengerhunt.com has adventures that you can book in over 400 cities. Buy a ticket for a hunt in your city. If you're feeling really adventurous, buy tickets to a city that isn't familiar and make the date into a road trip and scavenger hunt. There are themed, indoor, and historical options to choose from.


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13. Go skating.

Ice or the traditional roller rink will do. Ice skating may be seasonal, but the roller rink is open year-round. Bring back memories while skating to some good music. You can turn your time into a race or dance-off for more fun.

14. Compete at trivia night at a local bar.

Brush up on your quirky knowledge and random facts and head to your local bar for trivia night. Work in teams to win!

15. Volunteer for a good cause.

Take the time to find volunteer opportunities such as the food bank, Habitat for Humanity, or a community clean up.

16. Take part in a themed race.

Lace-up your running shoes and sign up for a local race. There are many different themes— from mud running, bubble races, and red dress runs. Don't think you have to be in tip-top shape to begin. Start with the fun races and if you like those, work your way to running 5K's and marathons with your group.


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17. Go to a karaoke spot.

Find a great karaoke spot with good food. Try your hand at belting out old and new tunes with your tribe. Duet with your partner, or sing your heart out with your friend.

18. Take a workout class.

Many gyms have walk-in days for non-members to take the various classes available. If you are too far from the traditional gym, set up a space in your house and stream a virtual class. Anything from dance to yoga will have you working up a sweat and burning calories.

19. Get tickets to live theater.

The arts are always a great option for a date. Local theaters are always showing live performances. Whether a Broadway musical, ballet review, or school play live art can be a great date.


20. Attend a sporting event.

Take a vote on the preferred sport. Get some gear that shows your team spirit and enjoy. Whether courtside or in the nosebleeds, there is something special about attending a sports event in person.

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21. Go camping.

Bring your best campfire stories and sleeping bags and head to the great outdoors. If that is not what you all desire, there are campsites that offer cabins. Sit under the stars in the night air and enjoy time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


22. Find a local carnival.

Everyone loves when the carnival comes to town. Games, funnel cakes, chicken-on-a-stick, and the Ferris wheel are a few of the many fun things to enjoy. See which couple can win the most stuffed animals and ride the most rides.

23. Try your hand at axe throwing.

A new trend that involves throwing real axes at a target seems cool, right? Let the stress leave your mind with each throw. Make it a competition for a little added fun.

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