150 Cute Names To Call Your Girlfriend When You Get To The Nickname Stage

Hey babe!

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Nicknames are something that pertains to you as a couple only. Sometimes they are inside jokes or cute names to call your girlfriend that you just start using and they stick around.

They can make your partner feel good and special. It's a special thing that you have as a couple.

Nicknames are something that can make you feel loved.

I know with me and my boyfriend, he loves to call me sweet nicknames. They make me smile and feel warm and fuzzy on the inside every time he uses them.


Calling someone a cute nickname shows someone that you care about them. More than anything, make her feel special with the perfect nickname.

Choose one that really suits what she means to you and reflects the love you have for one another. Doing so shows her that you took the time to find a nickname that resonates the most to her.

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Cute nicknames to call your girlfriend

1. Beautiful — Someone who is beautiful inside and out.

2. Angel — All you see is perfection when you look at her.

3. Babe — A nickname for someone you adore.

4. Gorgeous — A nickname for a very attractive woman.

5. Love — Someone you feel deeply about.

6. Hot stuff — A very beautiful girlfriend.

7. Angel baby — When she has brought happiness into your life.

8. Precious — A nickname for someone you see as too valuable to lose.

9. Ladylove — Someone you have a big crush on.

10. Sweets — A modern use of the nickname sweetie.

11. My love — A nickname for someone you love.

12. Sweetheart — A classic nickname for a lovely girlfriend.

13. Darling — Someone who is very dear to you.

14. Adorable — The nickname for someone who makes your heart melt.

15. Baby — An endearing term for the girl you love.

16. Sweet pea — A very sweet girlfriend.

17. Belle — A graceful girlfriend.

18. Amazing — Someone who takes your breath away.

19. Cher — A nickname for a sweet-natured girlfriend who is lovable.

20. Baby girl — A nickname for a very sexy girl that you love and cherish.

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Cute pet names to call your girlfriend

21. Mookie — The nickname for a girlfriend that you really like.

22. Kitten — Someone who is adorable.

23. Baby boo — A nickname for someone you really like.

24. Red — A nickname for a girlfriend who has red hair.

25. Sunshine — A nickname for the girl who shines a light into your life.

26. Cuddle bug — Someone who loves to snuggle and cuddle.

27. Sweet pea — The term for a perfect girlfriend.

28. Chickadee — A nickname that is like a pet name for your girlfriend who is hilarious.

29. Little Miss — A cute girlfriend.

30. Butterfingers — Someone who is always dropping things.

31. Crazy hot stuff — A nickname for a really attractive woman.

32. Lovebug — A very cute girl.

33. Cutie-pie — A girlfriend who is very sweet.

34. Boo bear — A nickname for a cuddly girlfriend.

35. Dove — A very fragile and pure woman.

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Fun & flirty nicknames to call your girlfriend

36. Trouble — A girl that may have ulterior motives.

37. Pretty lady — This nickname is a compliment to your girlfriend.

38. Lucky charm — Someone who brings you good luck.

39. Ladybug — The nickname to a beautiful and gentle person.

40. Dimples — A girlfriend who has dimples.

41. Hottie — A nickname for a really attractive woman.

42. Dreamgirl — The nickname that is for the perfect girlfriend.

43. Cutie — A playful nickname for a girlfriend.

44. Lovebird — Someone you cannot be separated from.

45. Milady — An old-timey nickname for your girlfriend.

46. Carebear — A girlfriend who has a big heart.

47. Short stuff — A very short girlfriend.

48. Hon — Someone who is adorable.

49. Pretty lady — A delicate woman.

50. Cutie Patootie — This nickname refers to a loveable girlfriend.

51. Fun size — A tiny and adorable woman.

52. Sugar lips — A sweet nickname for a sweet girl.

53. Sexy — A nickname for a very attractive girlfriend.

54. Boo — Something to call your sexy girlfriend.

55. Lover — A passionate girlfriend.

56. Hot lips — A nickname for a very good kisser.

57. Love goddess — Someone who loves their partner selflessly.

58. Doll — A very attractive woman.

59. Boo thang — A nickname for a 'friends with benefits' girlfriend.

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Food-inspired nicknames for your girlfriend

60. Shortcake — A nickname for a petite girlfriend.

61. Cupcake — A very sweet girlfriend.

62. Fruit Loop — A silly and playful girl.

63. Cherry pie — A nickname for a very sweet person.

64. Peanut — Good things come in small packages, tough on the outside but sweet on the inside.

65. Sugarplum — A girl who is so beautiful.

66. Honey — Someone you love.

67. Candy — A very, very sexually appealing girlfriend.

68. Love muffin — A nickname for a sweet girl.

69. Pumpkin — An endearing term for someone who has stolen your heart.

70. Sugar — A term for a very sweet girlfriend.

71. Peaches — Someone that enriches your life.

72. Ginger — A nickname for a red-head.

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Witty nicknames to call your girlfriend

73. Firecracker — A girlfriend who has a temper.

74. Missy mischief — Someone who is always getting in trouble.

75. Hotshot — A girlfriend who is very important.

76. Bug — The nickname that means your girlfriend is jealous.

77. Smartypants — A nickname for a very smart girlfriend.

78. Missy — A very sophisticated girlfriend.

79. Goof — A fun girlfriend.

80. Sparky — A nickname for a very high spirited woman.

81. Heartbreaker — A girlfriend who is very flirty and attractive.

82. Feisty — The nickname for a quick-tempered girl.

83. Pookie — A sweet-natured girl.

84. Sweetthang — Someone who has a very loving and sweet personality.

85. Fashionista — A very fashionable girlfriend.

86. Lil missy — A nickname for someone who has an attitude.

87. Goofball — A free-spirited girlfriend.

88. Giggles — The term for a girlfriend who is always laughing.

89. Foxy lady — A hardworking and disciplined woman.

90. Brainiac — A super-smart girlfriend.

91. Drama queen — The nickname that refers to a dramatic girlfriend.

92. Miss dreamy — Transform your favorite Grey's Anatomy character nickname for your girlfriend.

93. My fair lady — This is a girl with very fair skin.

94. Cinderella — A nickname for a beautiful woman.

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Cute nicknames to call your girlfriend from around the world

British nicknames

95. Luv — A general term of affection.

96. Pet — A common term of endearment in the Northeastern region of England.

Spanish nicknames

97. Dulzura — This means sweetheart in English.

98. Cariño — This nickname translates to darling.

99. Amor — A nickname that means love.

French nicknames

100. Mon coeur — In English, this means my heart.

101. Mon chou — This nickname translates to my cabbage

102. Mon trésor — A French nickname for my treasure or my precious.

Italian nicknames

103. Dolcezza — This nickname means sweetness in English.

104. Fragolina — An Italian nickname that means little strawberry.

105. Stella — Stella is a nickname that means star.

German nicknames

106. Perle — This German nickname means pearl or someone valuable in English.

107. Hase — A nickname that translates to mean bunny.

Irish nickname

108. Mo chuisle — An Irish nickname that translates to my pulse.

Russian nicknames

109. Babochka — This is a Russian endearing term that means butterfly.

110. Golubushka — A Russian nickname meaning darling in English.

Haitian nickname

111. Bel Fanm — In Haitian, this word of endearment means a beautiful girl.

Indian nicknames

112. Chippya — This nickname means a woman who is virtuous and well-mannered.

113. Ebio — This Indian nickname means honey.

114. Jiya — An Indian nickname meaning sweetheart.

115. Musu — In English, this Indian word means beautiful.

Dutch nickname

116. Mijn schat — This Dutch nickname means my love.

Arabic nicknames

117. Oma — This Arabic nickname indicates a woman who is driven and fierce.

118. Noori — A nickname that means a shining woman.

Japanese nicknames

119. Sakura — This Japanese nickname means cherry blossom.

120. Itoshii aisuru — A Japanese term meaning love or dear.

Hebrew nicknames

121. Sheba — A Hebrew nickname meaning promise.

122. Sigal — In English, this nickname means violet or purple.

123. Shira — This Hebrew term means tune in a beautiful form.

Greek nicknames

124. Apollonia — The Greek term meaning a feminine Sun God.

125. Amara — A Greek nickname meaning unfading.

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Sexy nicknames to call your girlfriend

126. Bootylicious — A sexy nickname for a woman who has a great butt.

127. Sex goddess — A woman who has really good skills in the bedroom.

128. Sex kitten — A girlfriend who has a high sex drive.

129. Sexy girl — A nickname for a hot, voluptuous, and sensual woman.

130. Sexy devil — The nickname for an attractive woman.

131. Sexy eyes — An woman who has very attractive eyes.

132. Temptress — A very seductive and irresistible woman.

133. Tigress — A passionate girl.

134. Legs — Someone who has really nice legs.

135. Sex Bomb — A nickname for someone irresistible.

136. Ladybird — A nickname for a very dainty woman.

137. Spicy — Someone that spices up your life.

138. Cowgirl — This one is self-explanatory.

139. Enchantress — A woman who puts you under their spell.

140. Salty — The nickname for someone who is a bit aggressive.

141. Weirdo — When she acts a little strange.

142. Queen Kong — A woman who is very hairy.

143. Lovey — For a woman with whom you are deeply in love

144. Cat woman — A nickname for someone who is fierce but also super sexy.

145. Tease — This term is used when she teases you sexually.

146. Boss — A woman who likes to be in charge.

147. Amante — A secret lover.

148. Gangsta baby — A nickname for a crude girlfriend.

149. Looker — A very attractive woman.—

150. Schmoopy — A nickname for a girlfriend who loves to display their affection publicly.

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