If You Can Answer Yes To These 5 Questions, He Likes You For Real

If a man wants you, he will make it known.

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So you've met a guy. You're into him. It's awesome. He's got buns for days and eyes that would melt marshmallows. But, is he interested in you?

Figuring out how to tell if a guy likes you isn't as hard as you might think.

Growing up, we're taught that boys have weird ways of expressing their feelings. Ignoring you, teasing, not treating you well, these weird and shitty behaviors, that's how to tell if a guy likes you. 


But the truth is much more simple and will make you both much more happy if you can identify the signs. 

After all, if he's not feeling it the way you are, you need to move on.

If you can answer yes to these 5 questions, he likes you for real:

1. Does he tell you he likes you?

This is the big one. I'm not being a smart alec, but if you are trying to figure out how to tell if a guy likes you, this is the big one: he'll tell you. When a man likes you, he'll want you to know. It might take him a little while to work up the courage, but if he's ready for something real he'll tell you how he feels.


You'll never be left guessing. 

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2. Does he make spending time with you a priority? 

Yes, that means he'll actually SEE you ... in person. He knows that dating and building a relationship that grows intimacy will require face time, and I'm not just talking on your phone. Texting is well and good, but when a guy likes you he will move heaven and earth to see you, no matter how busy you both are.

If he's not doing that, you have your answer. Time to find someone who DOES care about you the way you deserve. 

3. Do you feel confident in your status with him?

He won't play games. You'll never lay awake at night confused about where the two of your stand. If he really likes you, he'll let you know that you're his and he is yours. If you're dating, you'll know you're dating. If you're exclusive, you'll know that too.


When a guy likes you, he wants things to be as clear as possible for both of you. 

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4. Does he show initiative and plan dates?

If a guy really likes you he's going to plan a date. I'm not talking about something big and cheesy ripped from primetime TV, I'm talking about calling you and saying "Let's get dinner tomorrow at 7." If a guy really likes you he takes the initiative.

He knows showing you he likes you is just as important as actually telling you that he does. 

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5. Does he compliment you without equivocating? 

He won't be able to help it. It will just come out. It won't be too much or weird, it will be just a part of how he feels and he'll need to express it. He won't undercut you or make you feel bad because your happiness matters to him.


If it doesn't, he doesn't like you, and you need to find someone who understands that you deserve the moon. 

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