Bride & Groom Face Backlash From Wedding Guests For Wanting A 'Sunrise' Wedding

"My fiance and I don't feel like we're asking for anything that unreasonable," the bride insisted.

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Sunrises represent new beginnings and fresh starts, which is why one couple decided to tie the knot with a sunrise ceremony. But their family and other wedding guests are less than thrilled about the early wake-up call.

The couple took to Reddit, questing if the timing of their early nuptials is inconsiderate. 

This bride and groom decided to have a ‘sunrise’ wedding — and their guests are not happy about it. 

Whether it’s a sense of awe at the beautiful colors or simply a feeling of accomplishment for dragging yourself out of bed, witnessing a sunrise can be truly magical, despite the early time. For this couple, sunrises hold a particularly special place in their hearts.


"Every year on our anniversary, my fiance and I wake up early to go to the beach and watch the sunrise together," the bride shared. “We’ve both overcome a number of personal challenges during our time together,” she added. “The symbolism of watching a new day begin is deeply meaningful to us.”



It’s exactly how they want to spend their wedding ceremony — watching the sunrise, saying their vows, looking out over their friends and family, and of course, mimosas. A planned brunch, complete with Bloody Marys, would follow the early ceremony, something that the local beachfront restaurant agreed to open early for. 


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Despite how much the tradition means to this couple, many guests threw a fit over the 5:30 A.M. ceremony. 

"We've been getting a LOT of backlash from our families about this, who say this is way too early and we need to move the ceremony to a more 'normal' time of day," the bride admitted.

She clarified that most of her wedding guests are local, and "should be able to travel to the beach in under an hour." That is except for "some extended family flying in from Canada, but that’s unavoidable.”

Ultimately, the only people who are really committed to waking up in the middle of the night are the bride, groom, their wedding party and the hired help. However, the bride and groom chose the time, the hired help is getting paid and the wedding party is likely close enough with the couple to make a fuss, but still show up in the end. 


It’s their special day and anyone who is truly close with the couple and able to make it work will make it work. 

"My fiance and I don't feel like we're asking for anything that unreasonable," the bride added.

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The comment section was conflicted, with some suggesting they hold their ground and others advising them to make alternative arrangements.

While it might not be the best-case scenario for these wedding guests, in the end, it’s really not about them on this couple’s wedding day. If they want to share their special moment at sunrise, in front of their friends and family, then they can start the ceremony whenever they’d like. If it’s too early — don’t come. 


Whether it be listening to your favorite song while the sun rises, having an incredible backdrop for photos, enjoying brunch at the reception or simply basking in your love before the rest of the world wakes up, a sunrise wedding can be magical.



Still, some comments suggested the couple make some changes to keep both them and their guests happy

“Do something private between the two of you at dawn…like a ‘first look’. You can still do a morning wedding for the family at the beach site,” one comment suggested. “This honors your personal tradition…while keeping it intimate and precious, not potentially tarnished by the actions of your guests, whether intentional or accidental.” 


Ultimately, it’s what the bride and groom want on their special day that matters.

If they want to be surrounded by their big wedding party, friends, and family, it might not be the greatest idea to stick to their desired wedding ceremony time. 

However, if they don’t mind a few sleep-deprived, coffee-holding, whiny guests — they’ll have no problem holding their ground and prepping for their big day. 

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