Why You Need To Wake Up And Appreciate The Sunrise

For me, it is the sunrise that brings meaning to my life.

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By Kristen Buccigrossi

Deep in the depths of sleep, I am awoken to the idea of something big.

I lay there trying to piece together the night images that just played out before me. I try to find myself back there, remembering where I once was and the calmness that I just felt.

Barely awake as the sounds of my dog wrestling against my bed sends me into a new state of mind. I have to get up, I have to take him out, I have to get down there before it is too late.


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Changing with my eyes closed, brushing my teeth in the dark, trying to pull myself together in the state of consciousness. Locate my water, find the dog leash, make sure my phone is fully charged.

As I’m lacing up my running shoes, my dog is weaving in and out of my legs, anticipating what is to come next. We better hurry if we are going to get down there.

We sprint out the door, battling nature’s challenges. The neighbor’s dog out for his walk, the early birds charging to get their worms, the garbage men starting their early morning route, and yet, there is this stillness in the air; the world has yet to rise.


The air still has a chill from the night before, the clouds have a slow-moving start and the stars have yet to go to sleep. We are so close to it, I can feel it.

We run down to the beach to see the waves crashing, the sand still, and the life of the ocean musical. The seagulls begin their morning call, the waves make it known that they have never left and the wind rushing past us, making its presence known.

With the sand between our toes and the smell of salt in the air, our hearts filled with anticipation. We make our spot and wait for the most beautiful display in nature.

It is the sunrise, what we have been waiting for. The colors of red and orange blend with the night’s blues and purples. The way that the sun peeks behind the clouds and then rises with brilliance.


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The way that it fills your heart with so much beauty and joy, that it feels as though it might burst if it looks any more beautiful. The feeling that you get when you know that you are truly blessed to be given such a miraculous gift.

The gift of a brand new day.

Most crave sunsets, the ending to the day. The way the sun comes crashing down, bringing in the finale to the play; but for me, it is the sunrise that brings meaning to my life.

It is the promise of a new day. A new, fresh start. The opportunity to finally get it right.

While a sunset can be satisfying to a wrong day and no longer dreading the day, it is with the sunrise that we find ourselves filled with hope. With a sunrise we get to start all over again.


And as we sit here, embracing the beauty of this sunrise, I feel blessed. Not for the beach and all of its therapy. Not for the brilliant colors and all of its glory.

I feel blessed because once again I have the opportunity to experience such a beautiful sight, with someone that I love. The opportunity to take in such a beautiful sight once more. The ability to appreciate it, because some will never see it for all of its glory.

Today I’m thankful for the sunrise, as just a reminder to appreciate that I get to experience its beauty once more.


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Kristen Buccigrossi is a writer whose work has been published on Huffington Post, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Unwritten, and others.