Bride And Groom Give Each Of Their Wedding Guests A Lavish, Personalized Gift

How do we get an invite to a wedding like this one?

Toni Norton, Miles Norton, wedding guests TikTok

For some weddings, it may be customary for the bride and groom to give out thank-you gifts to their wedding guests for showing up on their special day.

While some couples will often DIY their wedding favors or hand out affordable yet meaningful and personalized gifts to save money since the weddings themselves are usually expensive — a newlywed bride and groom decided to go above and beyond for their wedding guests.


They bought each of their wedding guests expensive and lavish gifts to show their appreciation.

In a TikTok video, recently married couple, Toni and Miles Morton shared the entire journey of putting together their wedding on their joint account and revealed to their followers a moment from their rehearsal dinner where they surprised each of their guests with some jaw-dropping presents.

Toni and Miles, who married on May 13 and even live-streamed their entire ceremony for their followers to see, decided to go all out for the gifts they gave their wedding guests. "If you could look under your chairs, we have a curated gift for each and every person," Miles said in a video from his and Toni's rehearsal dinner.


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At first, Toni joked with the guests that they were each getting a car, but Miles quickly interjected and promised everyone that they were not Oprah. Instead of brand new cars, however, Toni and Miles explained that they had each "thought of personal gifts for each and every person" that would be attending their wedding.

"Each gift is based on who you are. So, gratitude to every person — you helped us along on this journey. We just want to say thank you," Miles added. As the camera panned around to all of the guests, their gifts were indeed rather lavish.


Many people received Gucci bags, Louis Vuitton, Nike sneakers, Coach purses, backpacks, sunglasses, and even customized glassware. It was safe to say that all of the wedding guests were quite shocked at what was in the goodie bags underneath their chairs.

Toni even explained in a follow-up video about the gifts she had given her bridesmaids were, and that they had an important significance for all of them.

"During my rehearsal dinner my bridesmaids were gifted Gucci glasses," she revealed. "We're all going to see Beyoncé this year. Half of us are going to France to see her, so we definitely wanted to all be in Formation for this big day."



Toni also wanted to express her gratitude to all of her bridesmaids and said that she wanted to acknowledge all of the support they had provided her throughout the months of wedding planning.


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Even their wedding invitations were incredibly lavish to match the theme of their wedding.

In multiple videos on Toni and Miles' joint TikTok account, the couple made sure to document the entire process of putting together their wedding. One of the things that caught many people's attention was the details they put into their wedding invitations.

Toni explained that she wanted to go all out for the invitations, but didn't want to put all of her money and time into them only for the guests to throw them away once they received and read them.

To avoid that, she and her husband decided to create custom video invitations for all of their wedding guests. "When I say we are excited about our wedding invitations, it's absolutely insane," Toni gushed, showing off the invitations.




On the cover, are pictures of both Toni and Miles. When opened, a tiny screen appears, where a video of the couple personally inviting the guests to their wedding starts to play. At first, she claimed Miles wasn't completely on board with the invitations, but after seeing people's reactions to getting them in the mail, he completely changed his mind.

"It feels like we're on Super Sweet 16," Toni joked.

When talking about the money they spent on their wedding, Toni admitted in another video that she and Miles agreed that they never wanted to go into debt for their wedding, which happens often to couples. According to a 2021 study from the wedding planning site The Knot, the average wedding costs just under $30,000 in the United States.


Per a study conducted by LendingTree, 45% of newlywed couples went into debt for their wedding.

"When my fiancé and I got engaged, we both decided getting in debt over a wedding was a big no," Toni said of the prices she and Miles paid for their wedding. While the pair wanted to save money, they also wanted to throw an event that their family and friends would be able to enjoy.



To afford everything, Miles and Toni started saving up a year and a half before their set date. "We've been paying [for] our wedding out of our own pockets," she shared. "We've worked extremely hard and sacrificed more than anyone would know."


"I appreciate your concern, but it's not needed," she continued, addressing comments about the price of her wedding. "Instead, I want you to follow and see how beautiful this wedding is going to be."

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