10 Bizarre Things People Do That Totally Ruin A First Date

Be yourself, but not your weirdest self.

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Let's be honest: Dating is a big deal. Forget about the "Be yourself" adage — the first date, at the very least, necessitates a performance.

One of life's most complex problems is getting the balance right between exposing your true self and holding back a little to come across better.

If you nail that first date, the most challenging part is over and you might be on your way to a wonderful relationship.


If you get it wrong, your ego will be damaged and you'll be back on Tinder.

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Here are 10 bizarre things people do that ruin a first date:

1. Getting way too into your food

It's what happens if you're dining with someone at the dinner table who's so engrossed in their chicken alfredo that their face is virtually buried in the dish. It would be revolting if they didn't glance up or speak a word.


It's still a good idea to maintain eye contact while listening. It's unacceptable to zone out and hover two inches over your dish.

2. Acting as if someone handed you a mic and a podium

In order to avoid awkwardness on the first date, it's best not to talk about politics or religion. People who are passionate about what they believe might get a little carried away and end up dominating the conversation rather than just participating.

Make sure you're not overpowering the other person while discussing something about which you're enthusiastic.

3. Showing up filthy

A person may learn a lot about another in the first seven seconds of a meeting, even though we want people to concentrate on their inner beauty and personality attributes rather than their external looks.


Most of us know the importance of maintaining good personal hygiene and dressing professionally, but sometimes, we need a slight nudge in the right direction.

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4. Drinking like you're at a club or the St. Patty's Day parade

On a first date, it's natural to have a drink or two to relax a bit. A superb, handmade local beer and a sophisticated drink while roaming the yacht club's banks, have an after-dinner cordial.

A red sign that indicates "too anxious to cope with reality" and "raging alcoholic" includes lining up Jager bombs, completing five drinks for everyone on your date, and the double bottles of tequila.


5. Bringing along a wingman (or wing woman)

It's your right to walk away from a date if they bring their brothers or best friends. You don't even have to offer an excuse or apologize.

If your date is nasty enough to bring their company of co-dependents, you may get up and sprint out the doorway and around the block.

To begin with, it's a problem of communication. It's not adorable, cute, or sweet. It's depressing, pitiful, and unsightly.

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6. Yucking your date's yum

It's a dealbreaker if someone tells me what to eat, particularly on a first date. It's OK if they choose to live as a vegan, vegetarian, or whatever as long as it doesn't come with a sermon about how terrible red meat is.


To me, it's a case of living and letting live. I'll eat anything you want and you can eat whatever you want. I don't need to be told why I shouldn't value my possessions.

7. Turning the conversation into a confessional

Don't just respond to your date's queries. If you don't do this, your date will feel neglected and you'll seem self-absorbed.

A nervous ramble or the desire to impress one's partner are common reasons individuals talk nonstop about themselves on their first date.

While it's understandable that they want to be noticed, they're overlooking the reality that their date wants the same thing.

8. Acting like a love maniac

Many folks are too hesitant or scared to go that far. Don't ask them when they're going to stop using Tinder now that they're dating you exclusively. Don't inquire whether they're available to meet your parents tomorrow night.


Stop behaving as though you've been single for ten years, even if you have. It doesn't look good.

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9. Being overconfident

First dates might be nerve-wracking, but it's perfectly normal to feel a bit uneasy. But, to win someone's heart, you must keep your confidence.

Try to learn as much as you can about them, but don't show off your intelligence on the first date. Maintain a consistent tempo by going with the flow. Excessive confidence and overdoing will detract from your overall image.


10. Not thinking before you go in for that first kiss

You're going to say your goodbyes since the night is done. Suddenly they shy away as if you had a spider crawling on your face as you try for the kiss.

Apologize and allow them to explain themselves if they so choose. They may not be able to kiss on the first date, or the moment may not have been appropriate. Don't take anything personally, and don't overthink it.

When it comes to establishing the basis of a committed relationship, nothing beats the excitement of a first date. Don't mess things up by saying anything inappropriate or bringing up awkward issues.

Begin the conversation by paying attention and interacting, but most essential — be yourself!


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Sidhharrth S. Kumaar is the Founder of NumroVani and a registered pharmacist turned Astro Numerologist.