10 Common Lies Men Tell Women On A First Date

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Men like to sound good on a first date just as much as women do. They have some high expectations when it comes to dating, as do women.

Overall, most people — men and women — intend to be honest on a first date, but there are some people who lie blatantly. And, of course, all of us tend to gloss over things on a first date because we want people to give us a chance before making assumptions or turning us away.

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There are a few things that men might be more apt to lie about or gloss over and I think it's in a more innocent and "white lie" way than an all-out vicious lie, like telling someone he doesn't have kids when in reality he has three.

So, here are some pieces of dating advice to help you watch for lies that men tell on the first date:

1. His money situation

Let's be real: historically, men have been judged by their earnings and ability to hunt or provide. He may make himself sound more comfortable or even brag about purchases or vacations to make himself look like a big shot in order to impress you.

Don't be surprised if you eventually find out he doesn't have a huge salary or that he's in debt.

2. His living situation

If he's living with family or roommates, he may fear that this situation makes it appear as if he's not able to provide. So, if this is the case, he probably won't lie about it, but he won't mention it unless you ask.

And if you ask and he answers, he may make it sound more temporary or like it's been a briefer stay than it actually has been.

3. If there's another woman

Bam! This is not a white lie. Oh no, no, no, it is not. He may be dating or seeing someone or they may be "on the rocks" or he may be shopping around.

Now, not every guy is doing this. I'm only saying that some might be.

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4. His fitness habits

He's heard you like six-packs and he may ramble on a bit longer than is necessary about his fitness habits. He may say he goes to the gym religiously, which really means once a week, like church on Sundays.

Unless he's heavily active, he may just not want to come off as lazy or unattractive.

5. His last breakup

Perhaps he was a cheater or the one to blame in his last relationship. Or, maybe his last partner really broke his heart.

Unless he's all about sharing everything, most likely, he's going to make it sound better than it truly was, or at least on your first date he will.

6. His past

If he's got a former addiction or perhaps cheated on his ex-spouse, he's not coming clean about that on date one or, perhaps, ever. And if you do ask or press, he may outright lie until he feels like you know him enough that you would accept him no matter what.

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7. His job

He's not going to outright lie and tell you he's a doctor if he's a janitor, but he might stretch the truth slightly to make himself sound better.

Think about the ways in which a bird may show off his feathers or puff out his chest. It's similar. It's done to impress you, although being genuine in this day and age is really the most impressive.

8. His track record of commitment

Unless he's a solid guy who sticks to monogamous relationships (and there are many men like that), he's going to avoid too much scrutiny of his track record.

He might lie about it or stretch the truth to keep you interested and not judge him right off the bat. He's not going to mention any of his player ways if he's got any.

9. His friends

He'll talk about his friends, but he won't mention if some of them are particularly troublesome. He won't be mentioning that he likes to hang with the guys, sometimes more than you, simply because he doesn't want to turn you off or have you think he's running in the wrong circle.

He might also selectively brag about friends he thinks you'll be impressed by!

10. His real intentions

I went out with a guy who stressed how he was very busy. I thought nothing of it. I am a single parent. I am always busy. Well, we made plans for a second date. Before we went out, he started to express what "he was looking for" since he was busy.

On the first date, a man might make it seem like he wants to get to know you when really, he just wants sex. Needless to say, I canceled that second date.

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