The 10 Best Wedding Speeches From Movies Of All-Time

Let's lift our glasses to these classic movie toasts!

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The toast: It's one of — no, scratch that — it is the best part of any wedding. The best man shares embarrassing stories of the groom from their college days, the maid of honor recalls fond memories of her childhood spent with the bride playing dress-up, parents get choked up and everyone lifts their glasses to wish the happy newlyweds a happily ever after.

Of course, if you've ever been to a wedding, you'll also know how funny, heartfelt or even, dare we say, wacky wedding toast ideas can be.


So naturally, toasts have made for some great Hollywood scenes. After all, remember that scene in My Best Friend's Wedding when Julia Roberts begs for groom Michael O'Neal to love her back? Or that other scene in Bridesmaids when Kristen Wiig toasts her best friend and bride-to-be Maya Rudolph in Spanish (random)?

Let's lift our glasses to some of these classic favorites...

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Here are the top 10 best wedding speeches from movies of all time:

1. My Best Friend's Wedding

"I had the strangest dream. I dreamed that some psychopath was trying to break the two of you up. Luckily, I woke up, and I see that the world is just as it should be. For my best friend ... has won the best woman."


OK, so Julianne (Julia Roberts) wasn't the best of best friends in this rom-com. After her embarrassingly desperate attempt to break up her best friend's wedding, she raises a glass to the newlyweds with her sincerest apologies.

2. Bridesmaids

"Lillian and I took Spanish together in school. And so, I would just like to say to you and to everyone here, 'Gracias para vivar en la casa, en la escuelas, en... en la azul... markada. Tienes con bibir en las fortuashla and gracias."

The craziness never seemed to end for bride-to-be Lillian (Maya Rudolph), maid of (dis)honor Annie (Kristen Wiig) and their entourage of ladies, between getting kicked off an airline en route to a bachelorette party, Mexican food poisoning, dress shopping (gone terribly, terribly wrong) and Annie's freakout at the bridal shower.


But, in the end, they still tied the knot and the friendship between the BFFs smoothed out.

3. Four Weddings and A Funeral

"I am as ever in bewildered awe of anyone who this kind of commitment that Angus and Laure have made today. I know I couldn't do it and I think it's wonderful they can."

Charles (Hugh Grant) and Carrie (Andie McDowell) always run into each other at weddings (four, actually if you couldn't guess from the title ... plus one funeral). It's the classic case of having a strong but fleeting connection with a stranger.


And if you ever doubted Hugh Grant as an on-screen charmer, you need to watch his speech as best man.

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4. The Deer Hunter

The Deer Hunter, which by genre is really more of a war drama, isn't exactly what comes to mind when you think of weddings. But there is a subtle love story in the movie between Mike (Robert De Niro) and his friend Nick's girlfriend Linda (Meryl Streep).


At a friend's wedding reception, Mike and the guys get drunk, having a good time. That's when they notice a soldier dressed in uniform sitting at the bar who gives what is probably the best two-line wedding toast ever.

5. Wedding Crashers

"True love is the soul's recognition of its counterpoint in another."

We can't help but secretly love the womanizing duo of John (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy (Vince Vaughn). Among all the other rules in their bro code, they steadfastly stick to Rule #5: Never let a girl get between you and a fellow Crasher.


But when they sneak into one wedding where John falls in love with Claire (Rachel McAdams), that rule gets put to the test. And Claire's too-sweet toast kinda seals the deal.

6. The 5-Year Engagement

"This is supposed to be exciting. It's your wedding — you only get a few of these!"

It was a long, long, (really long) walk down the aisle for Tom (Jason Segel) and his girlfriend Violet (Emily Blunt). And this slideshow at their engagement party made things even more awkward.


7. The Hangover 2

"That was a great speech, sir. I liked the comparisons between Stu and rice."

There's always that one guy — whether it's his drunk uncle or your weirdo cousin — who just doesn't have a clue when it comes to social etiquette. If you thought anyone in your family was awkward, this should make you feel a whole lot better. (Trust us, you aren't alone.)

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8. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

"We're all different, but in the end, we're all fruit."

It took a little while for the Portokalos family to warm up to Toula's (Nia Vardalos) fiancé Ian (John Corbett), but her father Gus (Michael Constantine) breaks down the cultural differences between them in one sweet, beautifully simple analogy.

9. The Wedding Singer

"Harold ain't so perfect. Remember that time in Puerto Rico when we picked up those two... well, I guess they were prostitutes, but I don't remember paying."


Even after being stood up at the altar on his wedding day, Robbie Hart (Adam Sandler) never gave up on love. (Heck, what kind of wedding singer would he be if he didn't?)

When he befriends and inevitably falls for a waitress named Julia (Drew Barrymore), he won't let love get away a second time, so he performs a song on the plane she's boarding. But before that, at a wedding he's performing for, the groom's drunk brother gets on stage to make a pretty awkward speech. (Drunk, of course.)

10. Sex And The City (The Movie)

"In our group, we never kiss and tell..."


Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) really needs no introduction, does she? She's the fictional expert on love and relationships. So what do you say as a toast to the greatest love of her life? Take cues from BFF Samantha:

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